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French Revolution Horrors: Pregnant Women Ripped Open, Fetuses Sliced to Pieces, Sex With Headless Corpses, Christians Cooked in Ovens

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Horror Stories, so popular in modern literature and film, originated in the sexual decadence unleashed by the French Revolution. In a compelling study of horror, from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to modern Hollywood, E. Michael Jones, one of America’s most original critics, shows that the moral order, when suppressed, reasserts itself in the form of an avenging monster.  Expanded and newly reprinted.

In todays world we are taught that the French Revolution that was some courageous uprising peasants against their aristocratic oppressors. Anyone who does not conform with this view of this historical event is blacklisted as some backwards elitist. However the French Revolution was no romantic uprising as some would have you believe. It was in fact one of the most barbaric events in human history.

In 1793 there was a Royalist uprising in Vendee against the Jacobin tyrants. These men were not aristocrats but farmers who were still loyal to God,King and country. For other a year they fought on bravely. In the end however they were outnumbered and outgunned. The Revolutionaries had no intention on showing mercy to the citizens of Vendee. Revolutionary soldiers engaged in many sadistic games with innocent civilians. One of there favorite past times was to  slice open pregnant women in order to chop their unborn children into pieces and then let the mothers bleed to death. Another popular practice was to throw children out of windows into a group of soldiers with bayonets. These people were filled with so much bloodlust that Commander Grignon gave the order that everyone they met was to be immediately killed, even if they were supporters of the Revolution.

While these people were sick because of their disgusting sadistic pleasures, their sexual lusts were not much better. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn described the French Revolution as one huge sadistic sex orgy. In Les Mans women and girls were dragged out into the streets where their clothes were torn off and they were raped. However the Revolutionary soldiers were not satisfied with that. Corpses were violated as well. In Noyades in the Loire , men and women tied together naked and then thrown alive into the river. After being beheaded, decapitated bodies would be taken in put into vulgar sexual positions. There is no better word to describe it than ” One huge sadistic sex orgy “.

One can clearly see that the French Revolution was not a glorious event but a disgusting massacre of innocents by sick twisted people. It is interesting to point out that only 8% of the victims of the reign of terror were Aristocrats. The majority of the victims were people who were neither wealthy nor powerful. They were just unlucky to get in the way of these Barbarian hordes. The revolutionary soldiers were not heroes ! They were demented freaks who got pleasure from shoving women and children into oven and burning them to death. Let us honor not these cowards , but let us honor the heroes of Vendee instead.         Vive le Roi!

Most of the Founding Fathers in our so called “Revolution” were later appalled at the French Revolution.  While acknowledging that their revolution was built upon most of the same concepts and ideals of the American Revolution, most Founding Fathers distanced themselves from the French Revolution right around the time of the sending of King Louis XVI to the guillotine.  Even the King of the francophones himself, Thomas Jefferson, later had to admit that the French Revolution had become an unhindered blood bath.

The French Revolution is one of the most stark lessons in history.  It bears a lot of resemblance to the revolutions in the Middle East.  In both situations there was a mass rising of the people; there was a general malaise about in the countries mainly due to socio-economic factors which translated itself into political reactions; in both situations almost all anger was directed at the head of respective governments or regimes.

As the Royal Family was abducted from Versailles and put under house arrest in Paris, the eternal words of La reine de france, Marie Antoinette, speak into a deathly silence.

I was a queen and you took away my crown; A wife, and you killed my husband; a mother and you deprived me of my children.  My Blood alone remains: Take it but do not make me suffer

The French Revolution is comparable to a mob of public beasts offering the Royal family and the rest of the aristocrats as a human sacrifice to the gods of cold rationality.


The vulgar interpretation of the French Revolution (not unlike that of the Russian Revolution) is based on the theory of the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. The impoverished and oppressed people, led by highly intelligent idealists shook off the unbearably oppressive rule of monarchs, aristocrats, and priests and created a new order, in which Liberty, Fraternity and Equality were realized. Hadn’t Goethe already told us that legislators and revolutionaries who announce Freedom and Equality simultaneously are frauds and charlatans? When there is no such thing as a “natural equality,” it can only be brought about by raw violence. In order to bring equality to a hedge, one needs garden shears. Equality, the left-wing ideal, is closely bound up with identity. One hundred pennies makes a dollar, but each dollar of a certain year isn’t identical with every other dollar printed at that time.

The French Revolution has been seen by most authors as predominately a political, social or (under Marxist influence) even as an economic event. Burke, Young, Rush, as well as other British and American visitors to France before the revolution point the finger at the aristocracy, the clergy and the upper classes; however, both skepticism and atheism had made inroads into the highest circles, and there existed among the clergy what Spengler called the “priestly rabble,” or what we would call today our left-catholic “progressives.” Censorship in the hand of the forerunners of the liberals, who suffered from moderno-snobbery, favored the left-wingers and persecuted the right, so as not to be labeled “reactionary. ” All that gradually influenced the middle and lower classes as well.


There is no other way to understand the nightmarish circumstances surrounding the slaughter of Princess de Lamballe. This friend of the queen was arrested but refused to take the oath to the constitution in the La Force prison. As a result of her refusal she was handed over to the screaming mob. That happened just before the September murders of the year 1792, so carefully organized by Danton, a “moderate” Republican. The protagonists in this bloodbath received six livres apiece and all the wine they could drink for their troubles. The jails were emptied in a veritable orgy of killing, during which not only politcial prisoners but also prostitutes and juveniles, often mere children, were slaughtered. Scenes which remind one of Goya’s desastres de la guerra took place in Bicetre and Salpetriere. (The extermination of prostitutes was also carried out mercilessly by those favorites of the left, the Spanish Republicans, probably brought on by the spread of venereal disease among the brave defenders of democracy.)


In the year 1792 at the fall of the Tulieries, the Swiss guards, true to their oath, fought to the last man. The Swiss who fell into the hands of the mob alive were then mutilated and cut to pieces. A cook’s helper, who attempted to defend the royal couple, was basted in butter and then burnt alive.


From these and other similar occurrences one sees something else very clearly: from a purely quantitative point of view the atrocities of the red and brown socialists were worse than those of the French Revolution, however, from a qualitative point of view the whole business takes on a different hue. The crimes of the National and International Socialists were carried out for the most part in concentration camps and dungeons by their own trained thugs, whereas the atrocities of the French Republicans were committed under the slogan of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality to a great extent by the people themselves or at least accompanied by the applause of delighted spectators – all in broad daylight with full publicity.


The guillotinings were not just general holidays; they were carefully thought out, sadistic happenings, during which (to give just one example) an aristocrat with his hands bound and his head already on the block was forced to listen to a long-winded ironic speech about the victories of the Republican armies so that he could share them with his forbearers in the afterlife. The completely natural transformation of democracy into socialism, from political to financial equality, had its beginnings back then. Not only aristocrats but the rich as well because of their wealth were handed over to notre chére mère la guillotine. (Actually only 8 percent of those guillotined were from the aristocracy: over 30 percent were peasants.)The “moderates” fared just as badly. Cities like Lyon, Toulon and Bordeaux, which were led by the Girondists against the Jacobins, were partially leveled and their inhabitants decimated.


When the guillotining threatened to go too slowly, many victims were drowned and others were executed with shotguns, so that the crowds could revel in seeing them slowly bleed to death. (Napoleon, a Jacobin, and close friend of Robespierre, achieved his first victory by subduing “unruly” Toulon.)The French revolution didn’t really become one huge sadistic sex orgy until after the uprisings in Brittany and the Vendee were crushed. One must keep in mind that the Vendee was a peasant’s revolt that carried the aristocracy along with it. The leadership of the Chouannerie was partially peasant (Cathelineau) and partially aristocratic (Larochejacquelein); in addition Charles Armand Tuffin, Marquis de la Rouerie, a friend of Washington, met their end in this battle. (His corpse was dug up and decapitated after the fact.) The terror involved in this deliberate genocide was announced in advance by the atrocities in Paris, especially in the extensive defiling of graves and cemeteries, because the main who can rage against the dead – against kings, and aristocrats but also against saints – will have no qualms about doing the same thing to the living. (I have to confess here, however, that the defilement of corpses practiced by the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War – especially in the cemetery of Huesca – is in the same league with what the French Republicans did.) In his forward to Reynold Sechers’ book. Le Génocide Franco-Francais. Professor Jean Mayer says that the author held much back and that the worst could not be described here.


The truth is much more appalling….Even in Arras, where the Jacobin leader Lebon observed the mass guillotinings from his balcony with his dear wife, the decapitated corpses of men and women were undressed and then bound together in obscene poses as batteries nationales maniacs out of Sade’s 120 Nights of Sodom. Similar practices took place in the Noyades in the Loire where men and women were tied together naked and then thrown still alive into the river as a “repubilican wedding.” When the mob couldn’t find enough men and women, they organized the “tying of the knot” in homosexual fashion. Carrier, who also finally ended up losing his head, was the director of all this. He called these atrocities, Le flambeau de la philosophie, an expression he got from the Marquis de Sade. Quite naturally the main victims of these male-perpetrated atrocities were women (as well as their children, often murdered before their eyes.) The sadistic misogyny of the Revolution reached unbelievable proportions.The story of the atrocities perpetrated by the Jacobins in Girondist cities has yet to be told. Most of what we know concerns the pandemonium in the Vendee and neighboring regions. Here the Republicans (as well as their brave Girondist collaborators) planned nothing less than the complete extermination of the population, even if that entailed the destruction of “patriots” and their families as well – One couldn’t be too choosy.


An entire “treasonous landscape” complete with its inhabitants was to disappear from the face of the earth. We’re talking here not about the type of genocide practiced by the Russian international socialists or the German National Socialists; we’re talking her about the satisfaction of perverted sexual lust, something undertaken with diabolical thoroughness.


Saint-Just had declared (10/X. 1793) that not only the traitors but also the indifferent would have to be exterminated. Danton had said that aristocrats and priests were guilty because they placed the future in question by their very existence, and Robespierre wanted a “quick, strict and unflinching Justice as result of the virtue and consistency of democratic principles.” All of this focused itself on the Vendee, whose name was officially changed into “Vengee,” or “revenged.”General Westermann eventually reported to the welfare committee: “There is no more Vendee, my republican fellow citizens! It died beneath our sabers along with its women and children. I just buried them in the swamps and woods of Savenay. According to your orders, the children were trampled to death beneath the hoofs of our horses; their women were slaughtered so that they couldn’t bring any more soldiers into the world. The streets are full of corpses; in many places they form entire pyramids. In Savenay we had to make use of massive firing squads because their troops are still surrendering. We take no prisoners. One has to give them the bread of freedom; however, mercy has nothing to do with the spirit of the revolution.” Westermann, however, soon met his nemesis; he was guillotined a short time later with his friend Danton.

Le Mans was the scene of further brutality; women, the aged, and children hiding in the houses of this large city were discovered and then under the eyes of Barbott and Prieure had their clothes torn from their bodies with sabers and bayonets; women and girls were raped, and since there weren’t enough living females for the “boys in blue,” the corpses were violated as well. This at least partially necrophilic orgy ended when the mob, accompanied by the rejoicing of the government’s soldiers, bound the cadavers together as “republican batteries” as they had done at Arras. In Angers, however, the mob decapitated those it had already hanged and demanded of the doctors that they prepare the heads so that they could place them on the battlements of the wall surrounding the city. Since the physicians were too slow at their work, the mob quickly decapitated another group of prisoners, among who was a saintly, 82-year-old abbess.

Another amusement for the “Bleus,” who referred to themselves as colonies infernales, was to roast women and children in baking ovens. In order to get maximal sadistic pleasure from this practice, the victims were placed in cold ovens, which were then heated. One general, who couldn’t stop this sort of entertainment among his troops – Mergeau Desgraviers – became so melancholy that he was happy to die in 1796 in the battle against the Austrians. General Turreau was told that his soldiers behaved worse than cannibals; however, he he himself had given the order to burn down all houses (which was also carried out). Everywhere one could see the batteries nationales made up of human corpses. Turreau, the leader of these Promenades, as the death marches were termed, was to go onto a long successful career. From 1803 to 1811 he was the French envoy to the United States (where he worked on the alliance against England); he was later immortalized in stone on the east face of the Arc de Triomphe.

As we have already indicated, the Girondists were hardly less involved in these atrocities than the Jacobins. Barere, who began his career as a Girondist, declared that he intended to to transform the Vendee into a cemetary. It is, however, especially the units which were promoted in the last years of the revolution, which reveal its fully sadistic and masochistic character. Because the men of the Vendee fought in battle, the atonement had to be made by their women and children – even the smallest. (The British did the same thing in principle in their concentration camps during the Boer Wars.) In the Vendee, however, a particularly popular sport among the Blues was to throw children out of windows and to catch them with their bayonets. Equally popular was the practice of slicing open pregnant women in order to chop their unborn children into pieces and then let the mothers bleed to death. Other pregnant women were crushed to death in wine and fruit presses. Also popular was the burning of victims in houses and churches. This bloodlust increased so vehemently that Commander Grignon gave the order that everyone they met was to be immediately killed, even if they were Republicans. A particularly gruesome case involved one girl who was tied naked to two tree branches after being raped and then had to undergo repeated attempts to cut her in half. The Bleus lacked nothing in imagination. With hindsight, one can see the hardships, the unending suffering that the “progressive” defilers of people, graves and churches have brought
over all of Europe
. (The interiors of old French churches show to this day what these brutish barbarians have destroyed.)

One shouldn’t forget that much of what may appear positive to us today – liberality, intellectuality, humanitarianism – had all been already brought to us by the liberal, courtly absolutism, while the French Revolution which used all these words in reality did nothing more than brutally extinguish them. One is reminded of the reaction of Caffinhals, who replied to the uproar created by the defenders of Lavoisier, who cried, “You are condemning a great learned man to death,” by saying, “The Revolution has no need of learned men.” The good man was right; since the French Revolution only quantities, ciphers and numbers, have any value. The speech of the elite is hardly tolerated anymore.

From an intellectual point of view, the French Revolution was a conglomeration of un-thought out but fanatically believed inconsistencies, but it showed clearly, as so many other revolutions have, the true character of the great majority of the Genus Humanum.

In the French Revolution the scum of France succumbed to blood lust and opened the door to evil. In our day of electronic stultification, it’s a sure bet that now, 200 hundred years later, this monstrosity will be the focus of orgiastic celebrations. The average man always clings despairingly to cliches. If one takes them away from him, he has to do his own research, his own thinking and deciding and has to begin anew. One can’t really expect this sort of elitist behavior from such poor folks. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first rob of their reason.


This glorious slogan of the French Revolution has been the enduring two-hundred-year symbol of everything liberals dream of.
Except the reality was not nearly as romantic as the dream.
Of course, many of you already know of the wonderful “Reign of Terror”, which proved for all the world to see, that these idealists were far worst tyrants than the monarchy they had deposed.
In the typical Jewish media-Scribe rendition of the causes of the French Revolution, the main cause were the peasants (i.e. The Masses), who were so downtrodden by the ultra-rich Aristocrats and by the ultra-rich Roman Catholic Church, that they finally could take it no longer and revolted.
All done — to instill liberty; to instill equality; and to instill fraternity.
In their haste to showcase all this freedom, equality and brotherly love, our Jewish media-Scribes seem to have left out the story about the Vendee province of France bordering the Atlantic Ocean. I guess it did not fit well with their idealistic model of the French Revolution.
Peasants murdering Peasants

In early 1794 — at the height of the Reign of Terror — French soldiers marched to the Atlantic (coast province of) Vendee, where peasants had risen up against the Revolutionary government in Paris.

“In other parts of France the revolutionaries killed the nobles or the rich bourgeoisie. But in Vendee they killed the people. It was the Revolution turning against the very people from whom it claimed legitimacy. It proved the faithlessness of the Revolution to its own principles. That’s why it was wiped out of the historical memory,”.

Question: Where was the Equality in this act?

Twelve “infernal columns” commanded by General Louis-Marie Turreau were ordered to kill everyone and everything they saw. Thousands of people — including women and children — were massacred in cold blood, and farms and villages torched.In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier disposed of Vendeean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form of mass execution. In the so-called “noyades” -mass drownings — naked men, women, and children were tied together in specially constructed boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and then sunk.When it was over, French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: “There is no more Vendee… According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all.”Historians believe that around 170,000 Vendeeans were killed in the peasant war and the subsequent massacres — and around 5,000 in the noyades.

For Mr de Villiers, an aristocrat whose family seat is in the Vendee, genocide does indeed apply as his forebears were killed for religious reasons: they had rebelled to protect their priests, who refused to swear an oath to the new constitution. “It’s the rare case of a people rising up for religious reasons. They did not rebel because they were hungry, but because their priests were being killed,” he said.

There is no liberty when the priest has to take loyalty oaths and is killed if he refuses.

And yet, the scale of King Charles IX’s crime is but a fraction of the great crimes of the 20th century anti-religious atheist zealots; it is also vastly overshadowed by history’s very first atheist-influenced regime. Although it has largely been whitewashed by a France that still reveres its Revolution and is therefore little known in comparison with the Revolutionary regime’s more notorious crimes, the story of the Committee for Public Safety’s decision to slaughter the Vendeean people, who dared to resist the ordered closure of their churches, is finally beginning to be told thanks to a bold French aristocrat.


Basically, the massacre of the Vendee prove that:

  1. The French Revolution was not about helping peasants, as all the Vendee they destroyed were peasants
  2. The French Revolution was not about fighting royalty, as none of the Vendee they destroyed were royal
  3. The French Revolution was MORE about fighting Christianity, as all the Vendee they destroyed very devout Christian Catholics who were fighting to protect and defend their priests from the horrors of the French Revolution
  4. The French Revolution was NOT just about Atheists fighting against ALL religions, because even today, our Jewish media-Scribes are always screaming “VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!”

If the French Revolution fight was against ALL religions, then you would think that the Jews in the Jewish media-Scribes would be against the French Revolution and denounce it. But time and time again, the Jewish media-Scribes romanticize the French Revolution. They absolutely love it!


But the French Revolution ironically was a failed revolution:  Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité quickly descended to the towering figure of Robespierre and his Reign of Terror as the revolution spun out control and began to murder itself. First the royalists were beheaded, next the moderate girondists, and by then the violence and suspicion was totally out of hand as the revolution devoured itself. In my opinion, after they started beheading the moderate Girondists it was only a matter of time before everyone else went to the guillotine. 26 years after the “Declaration of the Rights of Man” was written up, a Bourbon once more sat on the throne as the King of France – that is what I mean by “failed” Revolution. Since 1793, France has had no less than 11 subsequent constitutions (while the United States still uses their first). This is what I mean about moderation and political stability. It is the legacy of those revolutions so different in style, substance, and in legacy.During one rapacious stretch of mindless revolutionary paranoia, 1,376 individuals were guillotined in only 47 days. The moderate girondist Mme. Jeanne Roland de la Platiere’s last words before her death on the guillotine were: “O liberty! how they have played with you.” She put it well, in my opinion. Or Camille Desmoulins, writing to his wife from prison, claiming, “J’avais rêvé une république que tout le monde eût adorée. Je n’ai pu croire que les hommes fussent si féroces et si injustes.” I always much preferred the moderate Montesqieu and Lafayette to Robespierre and his fellow radicals. Not surprisingly, they did not do so well in the French Revolution which is a prime example of Gresham’s law of political morality: the bad drives out the good as everyone becomes corrupted while political life becomes not unlike the Hobbesian war of all against all in “a perpetual and restless desire for power, that ceaseth only in death.”…

Domestic carnage, now filled the whole year  With feast-days, old men from the chimney-nook,  The maiden from the busom of her love,  The mother from the cradle of her babe,  The warrior from the field – all perished, all –  Friends, enemies, of all parties, ages, ranks,  Head after head, and never heads enough  For those that bade them fall.

William Wordsworth

Wordsworth came to suffer the disillusion of young revolutionaries in all ages who discover that in shedding an ocean of blood they have more often than not done more harm than good. If the French revolution was the end of monarchy and aristocratic privilege and the emergence of the common man and democratic rights, it was also the beginnings of modern totalitarian government and large-scale executions of “enemies of the People” by impersonal government entities (Robespierre’s “Committee of Public Safety”). This legacy would not reach its fullest bloom until the tragic arrival of the German Nazis and Soviet and Chinese communists of the 20th century.

The French Revolution was the deserving death knell for the old system of monarchy in Europe. Unfortunately, in too many places the governments which replaced ancien regimes was as bad or worse than those which preceeded them (from Napoleon on up to Lenin and the fascists). The chaos and violence which Napoleon helped bring about has (let us hope) only in the last fifty years been succesfully worked out of the European system. Let us learn from the past, so that we may not repeat its errors. Let the 20th century (and the Jacobin Terror) be a warning!


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February 1, 2014 at 3:22 am

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