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The Real Reason Why the Victims of Haiti Earthquake and Katrina Flood Still Have Not Received Most Donations

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EXCLUSIVE: A former charity executive who helped expose a questionable $500,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation is now being threatened by her old bosses with a lawsuit seeking tens of thousands of dollars, has learned.

Sue Veres Royal, former executive director at the Happy Hearts Fund, was initially quoted in a May 29 New York Times article that said the charity lured Bill Clinton to a 2014 gala only after offering a $500,000 donation to The Clinton Foundation. His office previously had turned down the charity’s invitations, but this time he accepted; the accompanying donation amounted to almost a quarter of the gala’s net proceeds.

Veres Royal said she was appalled not only by the 2014 Clinton donation but by details she had not known before the Times report was published — most notably that the $500,000, which was supposed to go to causes in the ravaged country of Haiti, still had not been earmarked for any particular project by The Clinton Foundation.

“It’s disgusting to me that this organization is being used in this way,” Veres Royal said. “I have been to Haiti three times. I’ve seen how desperate the need is, and it’s disgusting to me that people are trying to do good while they’re sitting on half-a-million dollars. I think that’s a disservice to those people who have donated the money, and to the people of Haiti.”

via Ex-charity exec who helped expose $500G Clinton Foundation donation faces legal threats | Fox News.

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June 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Dennis Hastert Paid to Hide Sexual Misconduct With Student: Official – CNBC

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Dennis Hastert Paid to Hide Sexual Misconduct With Student: Official

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert paid a man to conceal a sexual relationship they had while the man was a student at the high school where Hastert taught, a federal law enforcement official told NBC News on Friday.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity. Tribune reported earlier in the day that two unnamed federal officials said that Hastert paid a man from his past to conceal sexual misconduct.

Hastert was indicted Thursday on charges that he structured bank withdrawals to avoid federal reporting requirements and later lied about it to the FBI.

via Dennis Hastert Paid to Hide Sexual Misconduct With Student: Official.

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May 31, 2015 at 12:49 pm

Intrigue: Did Saudi Arabia Try to Bribe Prior Yemen President Against Houthi Movement?

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Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh says Saudi officials tried to bribe him in a failed attempt to secure his alliance against the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

The former Saudi ambassador to Yemen “came to me with a message from the kingdom asking me to stand by (Yemen’s former fugitive president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour) Hadi… against the Houthis,” Saleh said in an interview with al-Mayadeen television channel aired on Friday, adding, “They told us ‘we’ll pay you millions of dollars if you ally with us.’”Saleh stated that he rejected the offer to show his support for “national unity for all political forces in Yemen.”

via PressTV-Riyadh tried to bribe me: Yemen’s Saleh.

The Real Reason Behind the FIFA World Cup Scandal

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Some members of the US Congress also urged FIFA to reconsider its rewarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russia, with Republican Senator Robert Menendez, saying he has been deeply “concerned about FIFA’s selection of Russia.”Blatter said the US-led probe may be influenced by Washington’s disappointment in [not] having the 2022 World Cup on its soil.

Keep in mind that Menendez is the subject of his own corruption scandal t hat somehow was kept out of the narrative for this scandal.

via PressTV-FIFA hints US probe has ulterior motives.

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May 30, 2015 at 3:29 pm

U.S. Officials Hope To Steer Caribbean Countries Away From Venezuela | FDL News Desk

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Atlantic Council chairman Jon Huntsman (Creative Commons-Licensed Photo: Atlantic Council)

The White House reported the event as an “energy round-table” discussion of “a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in the Caribbean through improved energy governance, greater access to finance and donor coordination.” While there is no mention of Venezuela, the Atlantic Council, a sponsor of the event, explicitly mentions Venezuela as the reason for the meeting.

The Atlantic Council is a think-tank funded by different international companies like Shell Oil and governmental organization like the North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO). In addition, some of its board members and directors include former U.S. officials and current leaders of major firms. It primarily works in securing the interests of NATO.

via U.S. Officials Hope To Steer Caribbean Countries Away From Venezuela | FDL News Desk.

If the Ukraine and Gaza Crises Aren’t Obvious, Parallel Examples of Western Hypocrisy…

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The hypocrisy of U.S. and Western European foreign policy is on full and easy-to-understand display in both the Ukraine and Gaza-Palestinian tragedies. For the first time in history, you would have to be blind not to see the obvious double standard particularly exercised by the U.S. in these twin crises.

In the Ukrainian crisis, there has been no conclusive proof to back up Washington’s rush to judgment to point fingers at Moscow on two major fronts:

1. Washington accused Moscow of interfering in the “internal” politics of Ukraine by not allowing elections to pick a new “democratically” elected government. The fact is, the government before was already democratically elected and had rejected the European Union’s economic plan, opting to enter an agreement with Russia.

2. Washington practically accuses Moscow of training pro-Russian militants to use complex Buk surface to air missiles to shoot down Malaysian Airline flight MH17. The fact is, there’s no conclusive proof yet because there has been no investigation. The YouTube videos constantly referenced by the U.S. State Dept as “proof” have been debunked as false, though the mainstream media has ignored that point. Also, the West in general has ignored the fact that Kiev also has Buk surface to air missiles. Insult to intelligence?

The current pro-Western regime in Kiev, with help from Western weapons plus existing Ukraine military infrastructure, has shelled Eastern Ukraine, killing innocent women and children and creating a humanitarian nightmare. The U.S. is silent on this provable fact.

On the other hand, though the U.S. rushed to judgment against Russia with no proof, the U.S. has largely been silent on the overwhelming proof of war crimes and massacres going on in Israel by the Israeli Government against the largely unarmed civilian population of Palestinians. Just listening to the U.S. State Dept and certain Congressmen, it is clear Washington is reading from a script to avoid blaming Israel from going way too far with its completely disproportionate response. While Hamas is running out of missiles, the U.S. is re-supplying Israel. This means that the White House and Congress is co-signing Israeli massacres of Palestinians despite the clear proof that Israel has massacred over 1,300 Palestinians using false statements about Hamas hiding weapons in UN schools (the UN officials have repeatedly stated with direct eyewitness testimony that that is not true).

This tragedy (not war, but tragedy) started when the Tel Aviv rushed to judgment without proof to blame Hamas for killing 3 Israeli teenagers, despite the fact that a Jewish rabbi physician declared the bodies did not have signs of decay consistent with the age the bodies were supposed to be. Then after stirring up Jewish extremists, the Israeli government began shelling Gaza. When eventually Hamas responded, Israel declared that Hamas started a war and Israel has to defend itself. That’s been the propaganda ever since.

Israeli police already brutally beat and kicked an unarmed Palestinian American teenager on video, and the U.S. was largely silent. Israeli extremists burned his cousin alive, even pouring gas down his throat to maximize the burning, and the U.S. made sure not to rush to judgment despite the provable facts. Yet the U.S. rushes to judge Russia with no facts whatsoever.  And with Malaysia’s past strong support for Palestinians and criticisms of Israel for its war crimes against Gaza and West Bank, it is no wonder that there’s something suspicious about the U.S. rushing full speed to blame Russia for the downing of the Malaysian aircraft, yet no explanation about the other Malaysian airline that “disappeared” months earlier.

God is giving citizens of the world a clear, very simple to understand, side by side comparison of the full evil and lies going on in this world. God help us all from now on…


Alalam News: ISIL terrorists sponsored by Saudis, US, Israel

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President Obama has announced that 300 American “advisors” would be deployed to Iraq to answer the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group, the American trained and supplied Al Qaeda/Takfiri militant group unleashed on the people of Syria some years ago.

Obama announced that the US would begin Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) activities in the Middle East in order to learn more about the threats the US trained ISIL forces pose.

Obama, however, may well have been unaware that every 60 minutes an American spy satellite passes over Syria and Iraq with high resolution optical and synthetic aperture radar capable of identifying a single individual.

He also seems unaware that the US maintains a massive signals intelligence base in Al Quds (Jerusalem) that monitors all traffic in the Middle East, a sea of not only antennas but a giant aerostat larger than a football field, thousands of feet in the air that sees and hears everything well into Iran and beyond.

There is much Obama doesn’t seem to know.


While militants fight Iraqi forces over that nation’s largest oil refinery, a column of American armor heads toward Damascus, captured from the Iraqi military.

While the media tries to present this as the work of a backward “Al Qaeda” franchise operation, quite something else is afoot.

We haven’t seen a complex military operation of this scope since 9/11.  The planning and logistics required are not just nearly inconceivable, they betray the full complicity of more than one operational command with access to satellite intelligence, shipping and rail capabilities and full air supremacy.

Moving military hardware through Turkey, multiple layers of military and police oversight, harbors under full naval control, is an absolute impossibility.  Nothing moves in Turkey without full complicity of both civil and military authority, something that, at this time, simply doesn’t exist.

All of this is meant to hide the complicity, not only of Saudi Arabia and Israel in support of Al Qaeda but that the entire “Arab winter” operation we are seeing, the unraveling of any movement remotely resembling “popular government,” is simply a rerun of the post 9/11 Bush/Blair “heist” sold to the public as the “war on terror.”