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Former Intel. Official: American Hate Is a Bigger Threat Than Foreign Terrorism

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The tragedy in Orlando will undoubtedly divide our nation even further, as the loudest voices shout their political opinions about gun control, immigration and Islamic radicalism, pitting Americans against each other and further exploiting our anger and fear. As American society sinks further and further into this angry, polarized society, I fear not for the economic collapse of our country, nor for defeat at the hands of terrorists or enemies. I fear for the implosion of our country at the hands of our own citizens, who have become so embittered, and so divided, that they hate their neighbors more than they love their nation.

…I shudder at the idea of discussing the second amendment, abortion, LGBT rights, the role of the federal government, Barack Obama, race or religion with Americans who don’t share my views. I would rather sit across from a sworn enemy of the United States and talk about the history of our foreign policy than discuss a woman’s right to choose with a steadfast anti-abortion rights advocate next door.

Through the Obama years, as a large portion of Congress made clear its intent to ensure that the President fail, and segments of American society spewed vitriol unseen in my lifetime, I repeatedly said that when you hate the man in the White House more than you love your country, and you would rather see the country fail than give him a single victory, you are ensuring the end of American superpower status.

As the 2016 elections play out across America, it has become impossible to ignore just how fractured our country has become. Regardless of who wins the election, I fear we have gone too far down the road of anger and hate to heal as a nation, without some form of severe intervention or collective awakening. [emphasis ours]

…imagine if movies started showing more diversity of political, religious and social viewpoints in characters that also manage to get along. What if reality TV shows introduced us to a wider variety of our fellow Americans and brought people together to discuss true hot-button issues, without throwing things at each other? What if public universities encouraged all viewpoints, instead of creating “safe spaces”?… am not suggesting that we all go have dinner parties with leaders of Neo Nazi groups and Westboro Baptist Church members. I have no desire to try to find mutual understanding with someone who advocates violence, just as I never had a burning desire to shake hands and chat with an ISIS or al-Qaeda leader.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

June 17, 2016 at 2:52 pm