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Are We Being Told the Truth About the Ebola Threat?

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With every threat we face, whether natural or manmade, we have to do a serious threat assessment, including looking at all angles and possible scenarios and ruling out the most improbable outcomes. However, when it comes to media reporting about medical and military threats, the public gets a very limited, overly simplistic view that lacks intellectual credibility. Such appears to be the case of the Ebola Virus threat.

The reports from the U.S. Government and the mainstream media has been spotty, confusing and an insult to the intelligence of the average person. For instance, no official has offered a credible explanation as to why the U.S. sent 3,500 troops to West Africa to “assist” in containing the Ebola threat. A true assessment of the situation would lead a common sense approach to focus on sending teams of highly trained medical personnel, accompanied by a minimal number of security forces just for general protection of the medical personnel. A private security company with expertise in international security would suffice. Sending in thousands of armed military personnel suggests an invasion in an early stage of planning. Given European and American history in Africa, particular with many incidences of nightmarish medical experiments on helpless Africans, sending in an army only exacerbates the problem and should raise red flags as to the true nature of American involvement in West Africa.

Ebola infection

Before continuing any further, also note that credibility is important for any government to have when it expects its citizens to trust it. Unfortunately, the United States has eroded that credibility, with trust in government reaching all-time lows under Bush II and Obama. It was dishonest about Libya, not just Benghazi, but also in the overthrow of Gadhafi. It was dishonest regarding Saddam Hussein and the WMD lie and character assassination lies. It lied about the various medical experiments it carried out on its own citizens over the past 120 years (and more). It was dishonest about the need to go to war in WWI against a Germany which it was an ally of in the immediate years leading up to 1914. It was dishonest about the Pilgrimage to America and the smallpox blankets given the Native Indians as “gifts,” the Revolutionary War, its participation in the mid-1800s wars against Russia (Crimea) and China (Opium), American Slavery, Pearl Harbor (WWII), Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, JFK, MLK, RFK, Vaccines, Influenza (especially the Weaponized Flu Nightmare of 1919), Polio, compulsory school immunizations (if they are supposedly good for your health, then why make them mandatory?), Cancer, Swine Flu, SARS, AIDS and now Ebola, it appears.

How did we get to this scary point with Ebola? If you follow only the reasoning from the West, Africans, who have never been plagued by the array of deadly diseases that seem to correspond to Western “medical research and preventive healthcare, are poor, pathetic creatures who can only survive through the help of “experts” of European descent. Never mind the horrors brought to Africa via the imperialist colonization terrorisms of the 1800s. If we are to believe the onslaught of viruses and deadly pathogens visited upon the “poor, weak” Africans, the Africans should have been killed off long ago if Ebola and HIV always existed in Africa. This logic is quite similar to the logic we are told to ascribe to mandatory school immunizations. Mankind has existed for millennia, yet somehow, in the 20th century, we were told that every school age child must be immunized to prolong life and to eliminate outbreaks. Most of us simply trusted the government and medical “experts” without questioning why all of a sudden does man need these vaccines to live, and what exactly is in those syringes? Are we being told the truth about the average lifespan of men and women before the 20th century?

Sierra Leone operation

A deeper question is, why does it take U.S. Army Medical researchers to work on infectious diseases far away in Africa in order to “protect” Americans from bioterror weapons? Why not send those same research teams to Israel, Italy, South Africa or Canada? One anti-conspiracy theorist hit piece written by (again, why a political fact-tracking website to weigh in on medical research controversies?). The article goes to great lengths to try to silence those who would dare brainstorm questions about the truth behind the Ebola outbreak. Here’s an interesting snippet:

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases also sometimes works in the facility, Garry said. Part of its mission is to prevent viruses like Ebola and Lassa fever from being used deliberately as bioterrorism agents against soldiers and civilians. It did not respond to our inquiry by our deadline.


This quote embodies logic that is eerily similar to the government deception mentioned in George Orwell’s 1984, where War is Peace, and governments have bureau names that are the opposite of their intent. So the U.S. department of Defense is actually always on the offensive, as we are seeing in Ukraine, Hong Kong, and the so-called Arab Spring Nightmare that started in Tunisia in Dec. 2010 and pretty much levelled the most powerful Islamic nations on the planet. Back to the above quote: Here, Politfact spends much of its credibility dismissing claims that the U.S. government would deliberately create bioterror weapons in Africa. We are simply told that the US Army MRIID has the goal of preventing Ebola from becoming bioterrorist weapons. But we are not told who the enemy is. If it is Al Qaeda and ISIS, and other offshoots like Boko Horam, then it has been easily and well documented that Al Qaeda and all of her children are Hollywood-style creations of the West, particularly Western intelligence (with the help of the entertainment industry and mainstream news outfits like CNN).

So why would the U.S. and her Western allies go to all this trouble to “research” Ebola in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia (which is the land America carved out to help freed slaves escape the horrors of slavery that the U.S. government foisted on them)? Could it be that Sierra Leone is a major diamond mining country, a large producer of titanium, gold, bauxite and rutile? And of course, Nigeria is a major oil powerhouse, creating a class of billionaires and multimillionaires. Even before Ebola became a problem for the country, the West engineered the “kidnapped girls” crisis on the Nigerian government, giving the West a pretext for spying on Nigeria from neighboring Chad, along with the help of Israeli intelligence. When that production didn’t produce the desired results, the Ebola virus became Nigeria’s problem.

Coming back to the U.S., one has to ask, why were Dallas and Atlanta chosen as Ebola Ground 0 for America? Atlanta is where the Centers for Disease Control is located, along with Emory University nearby. Dallas perhaps was chosen because it is one of the fastest growing mega business cities in the country with a large number of affluent Christians and mega churches. And in general, Texas is a magnet for people looking for jobs. A perfect metropolitan area for the engineers of such nightmarish experiments to carry out various quarantine and police state strategies. With all of the money in Dallas, it is also a good test bed for stirring up enough fear to influence people to demand vaccines, provided by Big Pharma (investors may want to take note if you invest in pharmaceutical companies). Right now, the hospital at Ground 0 in Dallas, Texas Presbyterian, is pretty much a quarantine candidate, as we are seeing play out with the apartment complexes of the 2 Ebola victims. If you think it through, the powers that be are already considering contingency plans to seal of the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth area to “protect” the rest of the country, and basically relocated the quarantined citizens to internment camps. For this, they would need plenty of troops, just like the ones we see marching off to West Africa.

The answer to the title of this article is now, hopefully, apparent. It is time to brush up on being prepared, with the ability to live off the grid and under the radar. Vote to throw out Washington officials who are steering this country away from morality and towards a love of money. Vote to overturn laws that give military and police officials more power than taxpaying citizens. We don’t have to accept a world where a government can engineer a deadly virus like Ebola. But the level of propaganda among Americans and those in the West has grown greatly in recent decades. Will the cries warning of the coming Ebola nightmare fall on deaf ears?