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If U.S. Secret Service Was 98 Yrs Old When JFK Assassinated, How Did Lone Gunman Outwit Them?

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Ike Altgens' photo of presidential limousine t...

Ike Altgens’ photo of presidential limousine taken between the first and second shots that hit President Kennedy. Kennedy’s left hand is at his throat and Mrs. Kennedy’s left hand is holding his arm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As is known by anyone who takes a little time out of their busy schedule to study the JFK assassination, it is quite implausible and even laughable to think a lone, rather peculiar gunman simply decided one day he wants to shoot the president to death against all the odds. The Secret Service, which was created in 1865 as part of the Dept of Treasury to protect the money supply, eventually expanded its scope of operations to include protecting the U.S. President, starting with Pres. Cleveland in 1894 on a part time basis. After Pres. McKinley’s assassination in 1901, the Secret Service become fully involved in protecting the President (it is very peculiar that the protection wasn’t requested before McKinley assassinated). Full funding of presidential protection began in 1906. The Secret Service then gave birth to what would become the FBI in 1908. They expanded to protecting the president’s family in 1917, the same year it became illegal to make a threat against the president.



Congress   enacted legislation that permanently authorized Secret Service protection of   the president, his immediate family, the president-elect, and the vice   president, if he wishes. (Public Law – 82-79).


Congress authorized protection of former presidents for a reasonable period of time.


Congress expanded coverage to include the vice president (or the next officer to   succeed the president) and the vice president-elect. (Public Law 87-829).


Congress passed legislation for protection of Mrs. John F. Kennedy and her minor children for   two years. (Public Law 83-195).



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November 22, 2013 at 6:12 am

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