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Kerry blasts Netanyahu over Iran – PressTV

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US Secretary of State John Kerry has lashed out at the critics of the recent nuclear breakthrough with Iran, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying a better conclusion is nothing but “fantasy.”“There’s a lot of fantasy out there about this – quote – ‘better deal.’ The fact is we spent four years putting together an agreement that had the consent of Russia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Iran. That is not easy,” Kerry said in his interview with PBS over the weekend.The top US diplomat emphasized on the fact that despite what critics suggest, diplomacy was the only way to resolve differences with Iran because sanctions were ineffective and would have lost the backing of other countries sooner or later.“They all say, ‘Oh, why don’t you crush them by sanctions?’ I’ll tell you why, because they won’t be crushed by sanctions. That’s been proven. And because we’ll lose the other people who are helping to provide those sanctions,” he added.

via PressTV-Kerry blasts Netanyahu over Iran.

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July 20, 2015 at 3:31 am

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