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Editorial: When the News Media Told Us the Horror-Filled 1990s Kosovo Conflict Was Over, Was it Really?

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As with other Anglo-American-Masonic-Zionist wars over the past 230+ years, the mainstream news media, in conjunction with Hollywood and the secularized school curricula, have mounted a systematic and thorough propaganda campaign to indoctrinate us as to the causes of these engineered wars, as well as when they start and end. So when Hollywood says “The End,” we are programmed to stop researching history beyond those limited boundaries in our minds. By allowing this to happen, we brainwash ourselves into believing a lie is the truth. George Orwell warned about this in his classic Big Brother book, “1984.”

For instance, World War II did not end with America as the innocent, pure superhero. In fact, there were no superheroes. Both world wars were planned well in advance, as early as the end of the American Civil War, in fact, when Germany and Russia were still on friendly terms with the U.S. So then how could Germany suddenly become an enemy overnight in two major historic wars? Go back and re-examine the truth about those great wars and you will find the most barbaric atrocities ever committed in human history, and certainly much more barbarous than the Hun and the Germanic Barbarians. So much for modern life.

So with atrocities and barbarism as the backdrop, why is it that the world simply accepted the foolish and oversimplified narrative of the end of the Kosovo-Serbian conflicts in the 1990s? Yes, you may have forgotten, but those happened under “liberal” Bill Clinton’s watch (not that any U.S. President is really their own men, but mere puppets). What happened in Kosovo – Serbia was more than just a so-called fight against Muslim terrorists (which in itself was fraudulent), but had the purpose of destroying history, much like what the fraudulent ISIS is doing in Palmyra and did with ancient Babylonian monuments. Ancient Christian churches that displayed the truth of the nature of Jesus Christ as God were destroyed in the 1990s, but too many Christians in the West were so consumed with their hatred of Muslims that they got distracted from this hidden anti-Christ agenda.

Two websites, and, do a pretty good job summing up the astonishing losses to Christian history:

June 20: The Metropoliten of Montenegro with two Orthodox priests on the funueral of three Kosovo Serbs slaughteren in Bijelo Polje village near Pec (North-west of Kosovo). These civilians were killed by the Kosovo Albanian extremists who cut their heads by an axe. These Orthodox clergy could perform a funeral only with the gurad of the Italian peacekeepers. The village of Bijelo Polje is completely destroyed by Albanians and almost all Serbs of this part of Kosovo have either been driven away or killed.


These scenes ARE NOT the scenes from the war but they occurred after the arrival of the International Peace Forces to Kosovo and Metohija. Thousands of Serb and Roma homes were set on fire and destroyed by ethnic
Albanians in the post-war period. All these arson attacks were committed in the very presence of KFOR

June 1999: Elderly Kosovo Serbs are usually targeted by the Albanian extremists. Many elderly people have been killed, or they starved confined in their flats (out of fear). Some have been just simply evicted from their homes and damped in the street like these two ladies in Urosevac – a city which has been completely purged from Serbs (US sector)


Freemasonic Wars are always a good excuse to destroy Catholic Cathedrals that contain important icons that contradict the lord deity of the bible. Freemasons then rebuild these Cathedrals their way, using their “secret knowledge of building.” This recently happened to 93 churches (not all of them Catholic) in the Kosovo/Serbian War in the 1990’s. Link here.Video here. We also see this activity in China where churches are bulldozed by their Masonic government.

As far as the real story of the Crucifixion, the “12 Stations of the Cross” is supposed to be the official story, so this would be something to both preserve and duplicate. Older Cathedrals keep the 12 Stations of the Cross intact by building them into the architecture, but only 13 Churches in America still have some form of them. Most, including this cathedral have installed the revisionist “14 or 15 Stations of the Cross.”



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June 23, 2015 at 3:53 am

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