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PressTV-Lavrov slams US’ Syria strikes

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PressTV-Lavrov slams US' Syria strikes

“Syrian citizens checking a damaged house that they say was targeted by the coalition airstrikes” – Telegraph

The Russian foreign minister has slammed Washington’s unauthorized airstrikes in Syrian territory as a breach of international law, saying the US follows a dual policy in the battle against the ISIL Takfiri terror group.

Sergei Lavrov stated in a Friday interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel that he questioned his US counterpart John Kerry at a recent meeting at the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi on why Washington conducts airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraqi territory with the consent of Baghdad, but carries out similar operations in Syria without seeking authorization from the Damascus government in “flagrant violation of international law.”

PressTV-Lavrov slams US' Syria strikes

“Boys ride a bicycle past other civilians near damaged buildings in the Damascus suburb of Harasta, Syria” – Press Herald

via PressTV-Lavrov slams US’ Syria strikes.


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