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The Horror-Filled Aftermath of U.S. Foreign Policy in Libya: Wave of Abductions, Torture and Gang Rape Is Driving Mediterranean Migrant Exodus –

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Editor: Although most Americans would never support such horrors if they knew what a few rogue Congressmen and other government officials were up to regarding Libya, U.S. foreign policy in toppling Gadhafi’s government and facilitating his execution has led a once-prosperous nation with some of the highest standards of living in the world to be reduced in 4 years to a land of waste and no central government, no economy, and territorial in-fighting among armed groups vying for control of Libya. This is an absolute catastrophe, and the nerve of Europe and the U.S. to not even want to help migrants who are escaping what the West did to their government. There will be divine retribution for so much misery…

Refugees and migrants in Libya face rape, torture and abduction by traffickers and smugglers, as well as systematic exploitation by their employers, religious persecution and other abuses by armed groups and criminal gangs, said Amnesty International in a new report today (11 May).

The 30-page report, ‘Libya is full of cruelty’: Stories of abduction, sexual violence and abuse from migrants and refugees, exposes the full horror of the plight of refugees and migrants in Libya, many of whom are driven to risk their lives in treacherous sea crossings in a desperate attempt to reach safety in Europe.

Migrants and refugees face abuses at all stages of the smuggling routes from west and east Africa towards the Libyan coast. Many, including women and unaccompanied children, have been abducted on their journeys and tortured to coerce them and their families to pay ransoms. Those unable to pay are often held effectively as slaves – forced to work without pay, physically assaulted and robbed. Smugglers also sometimes pass the migrants and refugees on to criminal groups once they cross the border in desert areas or in major transit cities along the migration route such as Sabha in the south-west or the coastal city of Ajdabya in eastern Libya.

via Libya – Wave of Abductions, Torture and Gang Rape Is Driving Mediterranean Migrant Exodus – New Report.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

May 17, 2015 at 9:40 pm

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