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What Really Happened at that Mysterious Anti-Muhammad Art Event in Garland TX?

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January 2015: Protesters, upset that a Muslim group was holding a conference at a Texas conference center owned by the local school district, showed up last night waving flags and signs telling attendees, “Go home and take Obama with you.” NCB5 Dallas.

Editor’s note: Once it was learned that the organizer of this anti-Islam so-called art exhibit, Pamela Geller, paid $10,000 for police protection at an event that reported had only 200 participants ($50 per person, seriously?), our suspicions were quickly aroused. Could this be a typical false flag operation with the purpose of stirring more Christian-on-Muslim violence? Who are the 2 alleged gunmen and how do we know their motives? Who were the people who attended exactly because this event doesn’t sound appealing to the vast majority of Americans, even in Texas (CNN reported that most, if not all of the attendees were not from the immediate community the event was held in)? Was this event really just a pretext for ongoing martial law exercises by the government, given how heavily armed and militarized the responding officers were?

Garland Police at the scene of the May 3, 2015 alleged terrorist attack at the anti-Islam event. Dallas News/AP

Just recently the governor of Texas asked the Texas Guard to monitor the federal military drills in Texas (Operation Jade Helm 15) and other states which seemed more like martial law preparedness rather than simply drills. This anti-Islam event was staged following an event at the same center in Garland, TX, in January involving just regular Muslims coming together in a peaceful assembly to call for mutual understanding against a backdrop of those Americans who feel that Islam is a threat to this country. Ms. Geller is the same person of intrigue who financed all those anti-Islam public ads in New York that foolishly stirred up bigoted sentiments against Muslims. More about her and her motive can be found at

Robert Baer, CNN’s favorite national security “expert,” sensationalized this story by saying that this Garland event is the first major terrorism attack on American soil since the 9/11 attacks. If you follow Baer, he is one of those agents of intrigue whose job it is to lure America into anti-Islam wars in the Middle East. Incidents such as the Garland Plot are the kind needed to stir American sentiment against Muslims, therefore making it easier for their co-conspirators in Washington to prompt the government to act against Islamic targets such as Iran and Syria, as well as the ugly, American-sponsored Saudi invasion of Yemen with banned cluster bombs.

It’s also interesting to note that Dallas has recently become the favorite target of these mysterious terror plots having just been subjected to being ground zero for the Ebola crisis.

One final note, we are based right here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and follow all local media, including print media and many area blogs and websites that announce events, and we didn’t hear one word about this particular event. This follows a familiar pattern, most notably events in Dallas preceding the JFK assassination when reporters did background checks on certain political groups staging events in Dallas and it turned out those organizers had no ties to the area and disappeared before the assassination.

Two gunmen opened fire Sunday evening outside a contest for cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad at Garland ISD’s Curtis Culwell Center, police said.The two men pulled up in a vehicle and shot a Garland ISD security officer. The men were fatally shot by Garland police, and their bodies remain on the street outside the events center.The security officer, Bruce Joiner, was released from the hospital after his wounds were treated.No one was being allowed to leave the facility, where an art show centering on caricatures of Muhammad was being held. Nearby businesses, including a Walmart and Sam’s Club, were evacuated.Authorities extended a perimeter 2,000 feet around the Culwell Center, and they were investigating a car within that zone. Garland police were waiting for a bomb squad to examine the vehicle.

via 2 killed by police after opening fire outside Muhammad art event in Garland | Dallas Morning News.


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