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What the Media Get Very Wrong About the Meaning of ‘Socialism’ — And About Presidential Candidate Sen. Sanders

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Global Research, May 02, 2015

122347On April 30th, Jonathan Cohn at Huffington Post provided a perfect example of what the media get wrong about the meaning of “socialism” — and about the meaning of the new U.S. Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. 

Cohn’s report was aptly titled, “Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist And That’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds”; and, indeed, he started right away with an assumption that socialism is crazy but “not as crazy as it sounds.”

Cohn said that “Socialism, as commonly understood by Americans, means widespread government ownership of business,” but Cohn said that, “that’s not the agenda Sanders has actually been promoting.”

Cohn reassured the reader there that Sanders instead “generally identifies himself as a democratic socialist. The distinction matters. Democratic socialism, as generally conceived in the U.S., is a milder, more aspirational form of the ideology.”

First of all, Cohn fundamentally misrepresented…

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May 3, 2015 at 11:21 pm

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