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The British Prime Minister who sold arms to Netanyahu, the Gauleiter of Gaza

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Global Research, May 02, 2015

NetanyahuBinyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and Commander-in-Chief of Israeli Occupation Forces in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Overseer of Gaza, with their combined populations of 4.5 million indigenous Palestinians – has further hegemonic ambitions.

In order to expand his reach into global circles of power and influence, this former architect from Philadelphia uses an array of state terrorism, nuclear proliferation, illegal shipping blockades, civilian harassment, detention without trial, separation walls, watch towers, military and diplomatic proxies and, now and again, various methods of assassination to silence his enemies on the streets of Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, London, Paris, New York, a hotel bedroom in Dubai and on a Turkish-registered, humanitarian aid vessel on the high seas in international waters. The unacceptable ‘explanations’ offered for this state- sponsored terrorism are always the same – ‘self defence’.

This is in addition to…

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May 3, 2015 at 11:20 pm

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