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Israel Admits Aiding CIA’s al-Qaeda in Syria*

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As we have also mentioned in several articles on our site, this post from the Hwaairfan blog shows the U.S./Israeli alliance did indeed create Al Qaeda and all of its demon children, including ISIS and it’s harlots (mother of harlots)…

Hwaairfan's Blog

Israel Admits Aiding CIA’s al-Qaeda in Syria*

Now Netanyahu has declared part of the Israeli agenda, they might as well admit the rest…

An under-noticed news report last week confirmed previously-held suspicions and strong implications that Israeli troops are aiding the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate.

Speaking to Israeli occupation troops last week, a Wall Street Journal reporter on the ground in Mount Bental (part of the occupied Golan Heights) found that Israeli troops receive wounded al-Qaeda fighters, treat them in Israeli hospitals and send them back to continue fighting against the government in Syria.

The Nusra Front in August overran the Qunaitra crossing, the checkpoint between the Israeli-occupied and Syrian-controlled sectors of the Golan Heights. Israeli invaded that region of south-west Syria in 1967 and has illegally occupied most of the Golan Heights ever since.

As I pointed out in a previous column, the reports of UN…

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March 22, 2015 at 9:11 pm

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