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Are Western Intelligence Agencies Creating Fake Social Media Pages to Recruit the Young Into Terror Groups?

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Sinister governments always need a Hollywood-style story with a compelling plot to convince its citizens to allow it to usurp even more surveillance policies and wipe out enemy states around the world. Here’s an interesting excerpt from “Calls to Shut Down Social Media “Extremism” Intensify – Alex Jones’ Infowars”


In 2013 the Pentagon was caught manipulating social media accounts and discovered “running massive propaganda campaigns that cover a vast array of online networks.”

In 2011, Computerworld reported that the government contracted HBGary Federal for the development of software which could create multiple fake social media profiles to manipulate and sway public opinion on controversial issues by promoting propaganda. It could also be used as surveillance to find public opinions with points of view the powers-that-be didn’t like. It could then potentially have their “fake” people run smear campaigns against those “real” people. As disturbing as this is, it’s not really new for U.S. intelligence or private intelligence firms to do the dirty work behind closed doors.

“The 6th Contracting Squadron at MacDill Air Force Base sought the development of Persona Management Software which could be used for creating and managing fake profiles on social media sites to distort the truth and make it appear as if there was a generally accepted agreement on controversial issues,” Darlene Storm noted for Computerworld.

The question then becomes, considering the past history of the intelligence community, particularly in its documented effort to create terrorist groups and, domestically, contrive terror plots for propaganda value, how much of ISIS propaganda and “recruitment” (using kittens and Nutella) is in fact produced by the U.S. military and its intelligence apparatus?

Twitter and other social media platforms are extremely useful for political activists not associated with ISIS or Islamic extremism.

Domestic political activism aimed at changing the policies of the government pose more of a threat to the state than IS which has not engaged in terror within the United States.

via » Calls to Shut Down Social Media “Extremism” Intensify Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

February 23, 2015 at 4:56 pm

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