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Merkel Rejects New Cold War Paradigm, Pushes Mutual Cooperation Instead of Confrontation

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Merkel Wants West to Build Security in Europe With Russia, Not Against It


German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that crisis in Ukraine cannot be solved by using military force.

MUNICH, (Sputnik) – The West is striving to build security in Europe together with Russia and not against it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday.“We want to build security in Europe together with Russia and not against it,” Merkel said.

The European Union has been cooperating with NATO on the issue of the region’s security, recently allowing the placement of six new command and control units in Eastern Europe close to the Russian border.

Moscow has expressed concern over the buildup of NATO presence near its western border and said it would make “adequate” changes in the country’s military planning.

The crisis in Ukraine cannot be solved by using military force and Russia needs to contribute to settling the conflict, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated.


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February 7, 2015 at 1:58 pm

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