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Baghdad Calls for Returning Stolen Torah from Israel

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The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities protested, the “Israel’s illegal acquisition to Iraqi Hebrew manuscript “claiming the United States that drove these manuscripts years ago under the pretext of restoring it to provide clear answers on this topic. The ministry said in a statement that the media finally picked up the news of the arrival of the Iraqi Torah manuscript to Israel and celebration of Israel’s Foreign Ministry on it. “”We are protesting because this acquisition is illegal on a part of Iraq’s heritage and the evidence that it is carrying an Iraqi official seals we call center US (NARA) center , which is carrying out the maintenance and restoration of the Iraqi- Hebrew archive to provide clear answers about this manuscript.”The ministry confirmed that “it has already demanded more than once to restore all Hebrew- Iraqi Archive and end this file calling the international organizations, particularly the United Nations for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Police (Interpol) to help Iraq restore its stolen heritage.”

via Baghdad Calls for Returning StolenTorah from Israel.


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