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The Truth Behind the 2014-5 Oil Price Plunge

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If you believe the mainstream media, the deep, almost catastrophic dive in oil and subsequent gas prices just suddenly came out of nowhere. They expect the average consumer to simply be happy with having more money in their pockets. A few politicians are even making the case for increasing taxes on gas. Ignorance is bliss.

Or is it?

If you recall in the years of higher and higher gas pump prices, economists and other experts were telling us to get used to higher gas prices for the foreseeable future as demand outpaced supplies, and it was too expensive for America to supply gas from sources within its own borders. These experts scoffed at the idea that a barrel of oil would ever fall below $50 again.

So what happened? Where are these experts now?

Here’s a harsh, dark economic reality for those not familiar with the truth about macroeconomics: nothing happens by accident in macroeconomics or on Wall Street. Nothing. There is a reason for every single up and down you see in economic and business cycles around the world.

So why now is it considered profitable for America to help oversupply oil and gas to the insane point where a barrel of oil falls below $50? Why would Saudi Arabia, whose own government budgets require oil prices be well above $50, boldly vow that oil will never again reach $100. The answer will shock many, but not the most astute readers who know how to go beyond the shallow headlines.

America, Saudi Arabia and Israel are at war against Russia.

We saw the Ukraine campaign of this war, where America wants to attack a key source of income for Russia, even if it mean damaging Europe’s economy. We saw the Libya battleground where the U.S. and Saudi Arabia angered Russia by killing Gadhafi. We saw that Saudi Arabia was angered at Russia, and Putin in particular, when Putin rejected a $1 billion bribe to keep Russia out of the way while the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia use weapons caches in Iraq and Libya to try to destabilize Syria, which only a decade earlier was considered a close “friend” to the West.

Syria was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Therefore, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel hatched a plan to retaliate against Russia, which has one of the world’s largest supply of oil and gas. Saudi Arabia launched a suicidal, kamikaze style attack against Russia by triggering the current oil price plunge. This act not only is suicidal for Saudi Arabia, but also other OPEC nations, and even the U.S. and Europe. The western press will be less than truthful of course as they provide cover for this economic warfare by misleading the public with overly optimistic outlooks on the economy. They will blame energy speculators for the collapse as a cover story.

If you consider the list of enemy states or states targeted for less than friendly actions, the U.S. and Europe are looking at conquering Syria, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea. The West has been trying to conquer Russia and China since the mid 1800s.

All money is not good money, even when it results from a big fall in oil prices that temporarily puts more money in your pockets. Nothing comes free in life. Keep that in mind as you hear the rest of the headlines regarding this suicidal plunge in oil prices.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

January 15, 2015 at 3:51 pm

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