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WorldBulletin: ‘Israel cannot be stopped with heroic speeches’

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It is time to admit that Israel cannot be stopped with heroic speeches and that this conceals a kind of weakness. We cannot make any point with slogans, but by rationally analyzing the strategic steps of Israel, its occupation policies, diplomatic, military, geo-economic and even religious arguments. The rights of Palestine cannot be defended nor can the occupation be ended with an explosion of anger at each attack after which it is left to be forgotten.

Also, no Islamic action and local activity can be done to look sympathetic to Israel. That would only mean allowing Israel to take legitimacy hostage. With an Israel VISA, neither can the rights nor a fair cause be defended, nor can the tears of the oppressed be wiped.

Without reading the global relationships of Israel and its connections, neither can Palestine be supported nor can this war machine be stopped. The fact is that with the national / regional structures embedded with global capitalism, Israel cannot be fought is a world system reality. The question of Israel is inseparable from this.

No matter what, Israel is not invincible. Just as it is paranoia to look for a Jewish hand in every leaf move, to underestimate it can be defined as levity at best.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

August 11, 2014 at 6:15 am

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