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Israel’s Credibility May Have Been Fatally Damaged by Gaza Civilian Massacre

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Israel’s killings were protested against by millions of people all around the world, particularly in Turkey, the UK and the US.

Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador and Venezuela all recalled their ambassadors to Israel last week.

Spain stopped a €4.9 million ($6.6 million) arms deal with Israel while Bolivia declared the country “a terrorist state”.

Yel said: “While Israel’s anti-Semitism discourse appears to be its biggest defense, it is now more vulnerable than ever before.

“Nobody wants to be called anti-Semitic but, after so many people witnessed all those images, it is now justifiable to criticize Israel.”

“With so many protests on Western streets and among international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), even powerful leaders have found themselves in a position where they have had to criticize Israeli actions against civilians in Gaza,” Yel added.

‘Slaughter of children’

Golan said: “Israel has long aimed to hit Palestinians where it hurts most, and what can hurt more that the slaughter of children?

“They hit that place, and many other vulnerable places.”

“Most of the victims were children and women who were taking refuge at the school,” Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra told Anadolu Agency.

In Britain, whose political elite has long been a staunch supporter of Israel, Minister of Defence Phillip Hammond admitted after the bombing of the UN school that Israel “had lost the confidence of the West”.

Even Israel’s most important ally, the United States, in language that was rare for its directness and severity, denounced the attack as “disgraceful”.

Golan said the incident showed it was “becoming harder for Europe and the USA governments to justify Israel’s actions”.

Claim rejected

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International called the incident a “potential war crime”.

It said the Israeli army’s attack had been launched despite the fact that UNRWA had “shared its coordinates of the school with the Israeli army 17 times”.

Israeli officials claimed “terrorists” had been hiding in the building.

A similar incident occurred in 2009 during Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead”, when Israeli forces bombed a UN school and other UN buildings where people had taken refuge.

A recent document unveiled by Wikileaks showed that, despite Israeli claims of its troops being fired upon, “no military action was carried out from within/within UN premises in any of the incidents”.

Up to 1,417 Palestinians were killed in the three-week offensive, which began on December 27 in 2008.

‘Universal shame’

At least 426 children have been killed by Israeli forces in almost a month of attacks in Gaza, which began on July 7.

The United Nations also condemned the bombardment of a designated shelter by the Israelis, with UN Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl saying it was a “serious violation of international law”.

Children were killed in their sleep. This is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced,” he said.

Yel added: “Israel did not expect such massive reactions from around the world.”

“This war, begun by Israel’s offensive, has exceeded Israel’s previous capacity for horror,” said Lamis Andoni.

The US government continued to supply hundreds of thousands of tons of fuel for fighter jets and military vehicles to Israel’s armed forces despite the soaring civilian death toll from their aerial and other military attacks, according to Amnesty International.

NSA supporting Israel

The US government is adding fuel to the fire by continuing its supply of the type of arms being used by Israel’s armed forces to violate human rights,” said Brian Wood, Head of Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International.

Since 2012, the USA has exported $276 million worth of basic weapons and munitions to Israel, a figure that excludes exports of military transport equipment and high military technology.

U.S. President Barack Obama signed a bill on Monday giving Israel $225 million to restock its Iron Dome missile defense system.

Also, new revelations stemming from documents made available by Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor-turned-whistleblower, included information on the NSA increasing its surveillance assistance to its Israeli counterpart, the Israeli SIGINT National Unit, also known as Unit 8200, over the last decade.

The UK government has been forced to review the sale of £8bn in arms and military goods to Israel in light of the conflict in Gaza.


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