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Israeli Overkill: Israel Using Warplanes and Drones to Kill, Gaza Death Toll at 1,921

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…17-year-old Ahmad al-Masri was also killed, while another Palestinian was moderately injured, as Israeli warplanes targeted an agricultural area in Deir el-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip.

Warplanes further launched a series of airstrikes targeting the Palestinian-Egyptian borders in the predawn hours; causing financial damages to nearby houses, yet no casualties were reported. Meanwhile, a man was reported killed after Israeli forces targeted a group of people in an area to the north of the city of Rafah.

Meanwhile, at least 16 Palestinians were reported injured in Israeli air and artillery raids on different areas across the Gaza Strip. The wounded were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

In the meantime, medical sources said three Palestinians died of their wounds – sustained in previous Israeli air and artillery attacks – while being hospitalized. While two of them died in Egyptian hospitals, the third died in a hospital inside Gaza.

A teenager from Beit Hanoun also died on Sunday of his wounds he sustained in an Israeli airstrike on the town a few days ago.

Up until the moment, Israeli warplanes and drones are intensively flying over Gaza and occasionally launch sporadic airstrikes.


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August 11, 2014 at 5:51 am

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