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Swine Flu Created in Lab as Bio-Weapon?

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Sometimes we take the news for granted without questioning things. Have you ever wondered why it is that groups like Doctors Without Borders are so quick to be at ground zero of major disease outbreaks and the media is there to cover it? What if there’s something more sinister going on?

NWO Observer

by Lajla Mlinarić Blake

According to a UN scientist, the swine flu virus, Ebola and HIV viruses were created artificially as military biological weapons…

According to the belief of two renowned reporters who spoke with top officials at the UN and WHO, the epidemic of the new strand of swine flu virus in Mexico is the result of an artificially created pathogen, the Online Journal reported. 

Swine flu, Ebola and HIV were produced in laboratories

The reported from Mexico City claims that one of the leading UN scientists discovered certain joint transmission vectors, that is, the transmission of the swine flu virus is similar to the transmission of the Ebola virus and of the HIV/AIDS virus, which indicates that they were genetically modified with the aim of being military bio-weapons.

The UN scientist is convinced that the swine flu virus, A-H1N1, and Ebola and HIV viruses were in…

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August 9, 2014 at 12:44 am

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