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If the Ukraine and Gaza Crises Aren’t Obvious, Parallel Examples of Western Hypocrisy…

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The hypocrisy of U.S. and Western European foreign policy is on full and easy-to-understand display in both the Ukraine and Gaza-Palestinian tragedies. For the first time in history, you would have to be blind not to see the obvious double standard particularly exercised by the U.S. in these twin crises.

In the Ukrainian crisis, there has been no conclusive proof to back up Washington’s rush to judgment to point fingers at Moscow on two major fronts:

1. Washington accused Moscow of interfering in the “internal” politics of Ukraine by not allowing elections to pick a new “democratically” elected government. The fact is, the government before was already democratically elected and had rejected the European Union’s economic plan, opting to enter an agreement with Russia.

2. Washington practically accuses Moscow of training pro-Russian militants to use complex Buk surface to air missiles to shoot down Malaysian Airline flight MH17. The fact is, there’s no conclusive proof yet because there has been no investigation. The YouTube videos constantly referenced by the U.S. State Dept as “proof” have been debunked as false, though the mainstream media has ignored that point. Also, the West in general has ignored the fact that Kiev also has Buk surface to air missiles. Insult to intelligence?

The current pro-Western regime in Kiev, with help from Western weapons plus existing Ukraine military infrastructure, has shelled Eastern Ukraine, killing innocent women and children and creating a humanitarian nightmare. The U.S. is silent on this provable fact.

On the other hand, though the U.S. rushed to judgment against Russia with no proof, the U.S. has largely been silent on the overwhelming proof of war crimes and massacres going on in Israel by the Israeli Government against the largely unarmed civilian population of Palestinians. Just listening to the U.S. State Dept and certain Congressmen, it is clear Washington is reading from a script to avoid blaming Israel from going way too far with its completely disproportionate response. While Hamas is running out of missiles, the U.S. is re-supplying Israel. This means that the White House and Congress is co-signing Israeli massacres of Palestinians despite the clear proof that Israel has massacred over 1,300 Palestinians using false statements about Hamas hiding weapons in UN schools (the UN officials have repeatedly stated with direct eyewitness testimony that that is not true).

This tragedy (not war, but tragedy) started when the Tel Aviv rushed to judgment without proof to blame Hamas for killing 3 Israeli teenagers, despite the fact that a Jewish rabbi physician declared the bodies did not have signs of decay consistent with the age the bodies were supposed to be. Then after stirring up Jewish extremists, the Israeli government began shelling Gaza. When eventually Hamas responded, Israel declared that Hamas started a war and Israel has to defend itself. That’s been the propaganda ever since.

Israeli police already brutally beat and kicked an unarmed Palestinian American teenager on video, and the U.S. was largely silent. Israeli extremists burned his cousin alive, even pouring gas down his throat to maximize the burning, and the U.S. made sure not to rush to judgment despite the provable facts. Yet the U.S. rushes to judge Russia with no facts whatsoever.  And with Malaysia’s past strong support for Palestinians and criticisms of Israel for its war crimes against Gaza and West Bank, it is no wonder that there’s something suspicious about the U.S. rushing full speed to blame Russia for the downing of the Malaysian aircraft, yet no explanation about the other Malaysian airline that “disappeared” months earlier.

God is giving citizens of the world a clear, very simple to understand, side by side comparison of the full evil and lies going on in this world. God help us all from now on…



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