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Dec 2013: John McCain Tries to Blackmail the Ukraine to Join Fascist E.U

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RT Interview with Patrick Henningsen: ‘Ukraine is being blackmailed into EU’


21st Century Wire says…

John McCain’s pre-Christmas trip to the Ukraine was eerily similar to his secret summer jihadi jaunt to Syria – threatening the country with sanctions and collective punishment if they did not comply with western wishes.

As if the embarrassment suffered by Americans wasn’t enough when he traveled to Syria for a photo-op with terrorists and kidnappers, promising guns and a military strike to insurgents in the Middle East. As if the humiliation wasn’t palpable in Egypt where US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham traveled to Cairo to try and spring the deposed Islamist dictator Mohammed Morsi from prison.

Yes, McCain topped himself once again, doing his best impression of Al Sharpton in Kiev when he attempted to stir up the street mobs for Washington’s political ends – evening threatening the Ukrainian government that they will face crippling sanctions if they sign a new trade agreement with Russia and do not submit to the almighty European Union.

McCain proclaimed loudly to the pro-EU rally in Kiev, “I am a Republic, Senator Murphy is a Democrat. We are here together speaking for the American people in solidarity with you.”

Solidarity? Really?

“Ukraine will make Europe better, and Europe will make Ukraine better.”


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July 26, 2014 at 6:42 am

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