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U.S. Foreign Policy Forces Weaker Nations to Become Convenient Enemies of the West

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As in the Revolutionary War days when the Colonies forced the British Royal Crown to become an enemy of the young, fledgling democracy, and when it forced Russia and Germany to become convenient enemies for no reason in the years leading up to World War I, and forced Germany and Japan to be enemies in World War II, so now we see the deadly pattern repeat itself in the Middle East. The following analysis Caleb Maupin is an excellent summary of how advanced U.S. foreign policy has become in the art of unprovoked, manufactured enemy nations.

The United States will not accept peace

Published time: June 18, 2014 13:31

Popular discourse in the US often speaks of “anti-American dictators” and “aggressive autocrats.” The group of world leaders who currently top the US enemies list is always portrayed as “pushing toward war” with their “hostility.”

While this is the portrait that is presented, the majority of the states in conflict with the US in the current period have assumed this role with extreme reluctance.

The United States with its huge military and its central role in the world economy is a country that no sensible world leader would genuinely want a conflict with. Any rational head of state would want trade, diplomatic relations, and cooperation with the US. The problem is that the US will simply not allow independent-minded states to be at peace with it.

We have recently seen examples of states going to extreme lengths to appease and befriend the United States, and only to be met with more hostility.

The WAVE rejected

World media portrayed former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as an “extremist.” His words were distorted at great length, and almost everything he did was portrayed as an example of his “anti-Americanism”, “belligerence” and his “desire to destroy Israel.”

The new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has made gigantic efforts to improve relations with the United States. Rouhani’s debut speech at the UN did not speak of the United States with hatred, but instead called for an alliance for a “World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE).” He emphasized that there was no “Iranian threat” and Iran had no desire to develop nuclear weapons. He called for a new period of peace and cooperation.

While the US seemed to always blame Ahmadinejad for their policy towards the Islamic Republic, the accommodating, peace-seeking words of Rouhani did not result in an end to US hostility. The illegal, unilateral sanctions against Iran have not been lifted.

Just months after Rouhani told the General Assembly of his desire for peace and cooperation, the United States even took the unprecedented action of denying Iran the right to choose its UN representative. The US claimed that the new UN Ambassador appointed to represent Iran, Hamid Aboutalebi, had been involved in the 1979 student takeover of the US embassy. With no clear evidence to support this claim, the US barred the Iranian representative from entering the country. This was an extreme diplomatic attack on Iran, violating the obligations of the United States under the United Nation host country treaty.

Though the Islamic Republic opened a hand of friendship to the United States, calling for joint anti-terrorism efforts and new negotiations to secure a lasting peace, the response of the US has been to become even more viscously hostile.

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