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Bush Era Foreign Policy Blunder: U.S.-Financed Al Qaeda Taking Over Iraq

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For those Americans who have not been paying close attention to U.S. foreign policy since 1990 when Bush 41 was in office, recall that the elder Bush said we needed to send our American soldiers to Iraq to “free” Iraqis from the “brutal regime” of Saddam Hussein who “gassed” his own people in 1988. We later found out all of that nonsense was a complete and total lie, bigger than a Hollywood production. Bush 43 sent more American troops to die in Iraq, and even left Iraqi children a “gift” of cancer and other long term, sometimes terminal diseases due to the nuclear mess America left behind. Not to mention the lack of a cohesive government that has led to chaos in Iraq, increased homelessness, joblessness, and hopelessness. Yeah how’s that for “democratic freedom?” And now under the perfect puppet of the neocon/Zionist elite, Obama has continued that horror-filled tradition: instead of offering $1 billion to help Iraqis get a better government and clean up the nuclear mess we left behind, Obama instead pledge $1 billion to help “democratically free” the Ukrainians from yet another “instant, pop up” leader we helped oust in favor of a pro-western Ukrainian billionaire who is using his own resources to massacre eastern Ukrainians all in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.” If Iraqi style freedom is what we are offering Ukraine, then Ukrainians everywhere will either have to fight or flee (Oh yeah, plus their forefathers in the 1930s had a taste of the U.S.-backed Soviet terror against Ukrainian farmers who got starved to death on their own farms).


Here’s the latest from the New York Times about the poor, innocent people of Iraq:

BAGHDAD — Sunni militants spilling over the border from Syria seized control Tuesday of the northern city of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest, in the most stunning success yet in a rapidly widening insurgency that threatens to drag the country and the region into war.

Having consolidated control over Sunni-dominated Nineveh Province, armed gunmen were heading on the main road to Baghdad, Iraqi officials said, and had already taken over parts of Salahuddin Province. Thousands of civilians were fleeing south toward Baghdad and east toward the autonomous region of Kurdistan, where security is maintained by a fiercely loyal army, the peshmerga.

The Iraqi army apparently crumbled in the face of the militant assault, as soldiers dropped their weapons, shed their uniforms for civilian clothes and blended in with the fleeing masses. The militants freed thousands of prisoners and took over military bases, police stations, banks and provincial headquarters, before raising the black flag of the jihadi group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria over public buildings. The bodies of soldiers, police officers and civilians lay scattered in the streets.

“They took control of everything, and they are everywhere,” said one soldier who fled the city, and gave only his first name, Haidar.

The swift capture of large areas of the city by militants aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria represented a climactic moment on a long trajectory of Iraq’s unraveling since the withdrawal of American forces at the end of 2011.

The rising insurgency in Iraq seemed likely to add to the foreign policy woes of the Obama administration, which has faced sharp criticism for its swap of five Taliban officers for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and now must answer questions about the death of five Americans by friendly fire in Afghanistan on Monday night.

Critics have long warned that America’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq, without leaving even a token force, invited an insurgent revival, while the apparent role of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Tuesday’s attack helps vindicate those who have called for arming more moderate groups in the Syrian conflict, among them the former ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford.

In Washington, the State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said in a statement that the United States was “deeply concerned about the events that have transpired in Mosul,” and that the Obama administration supported a “strong, coordinated response to push back this aggression.” The statement said the administration would provide “all appropriate assistance to the government of Iraq” and called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “not only a threat to the stability of Iraq, but a threat to the entire region.”

Mosul was the last major urban area to be pacified by American troops and, when they left, the United States contended that Iraq was on the path to peace and democracy.

State of emergency: ISIS militants overrun Iraq city of 1.8mn, free 2,500 prisoners

Heavily-armed militants formerly affiliated with Al-Qaeda have seized the Iraqi city of Mosul, driving back government forces. Officials say the Iraqi Army’s soldiers are demoralized and are no match for the attacking militant forces.

“The city of Mosul is outside the control of the state and at the mercy of the militants,” an Interior Ministry official told AFP on Monday. It is now the second city to fall under control of Islamist fighters since the beginning of this year. In January militants seized the city of Fallujah, displacing over 70,000 people.

On Monday night, fighters from Al-Qaeda splinter group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) stormed provincial government headquarters armed with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns.

Iraqi military, police, and security officials told Reuters that armed militants with anti-aircraft weaponry and rocket-propelled grenades had captured nearly all police and military checkpoints in and around Mosul by early Tuesday.

Unnamed officials told Reuters that government fighters were demoralized and seriously outmatched by the militant forces.

“We have lost Mosul this morning,” said a colonel at a local military command base, according to Reuters. “Army and police forces left their positions and ISIL terrorists are in full control.”

“It’s a total collapse of the security forces.”


Violence-riddled Iraq to receive dozens of F-16 fighter jets to ‘combat terrorism’

Iraq accepted its first F-16 fighter jet from Lockheed Martin on Thursday to be employed in the nation’s fight against “terrorism,” a top official said. Nearly 800 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Iraq in May amid relentless sectarian violence.

Thursday’s hand-over ceremony at defense contracting power Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas marked a new partnership between the US and Iraq, according to Iraq’s ambassador to the United States, Lukman Faily.

The delivery of the first of Iraq’s order of 36 F-16s is “a clear sign to the world and the region that a stable and strong Iraq in a partnership of choice with the United States is what we are after,” Faily said, according to the Star-Telegram.

Iraq’s national security adviser, Falih Al-Fayyadh said the F-16s – two separate orders of 18 jets at a total cost of $1.9 billion – are sure to be “a weapon in the hands of all the people” to defend the volatile country amid turmoil.

“To have the Iraqi people and the U.S stand side by side to fight this terrorism, there are no words to describe it,” he said.

The vicious sectarian violence that reigns across Iraq was spurred, in part, by over a decade of war following the US invasion in 2003, not to mention regional violence in the likes of Syria that has spilled over the border to Iraq.



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