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Op Ed: If No Nation Wants to Wage War, Why is the U.S. Fighting Them?

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Think about it. When was the last time Canada or Mexico threatened war against the U.S.?

The U.S. declared war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq using his invasion of Kuwait as a pretext, but given that Kuwait was tinkered with by the British and then the U.S. throughout much of the 20th century to the detriment of historic neighbor Iraq, it is difficult to argue that the U.S. Iraq war was really necessary if the West kept its paws off Kuwait to begin with (notwithstanding the fact that Saddam intended to move away from the U.S. dollar as a default currency for oil and instead move towards a gold standard, which cost Saddam his life).

Iran has not threatened any nation in a very long time. Israel has accused Iran of wanting to nuke Israel for decades, but the only nation of the two that has been proven to have weaponized nukes is the accuser.

Syria did not want war, but became the enemy “flavor of the month” as the U.S. made sudden, wild accusations about Assad using chemical weapons against his own people, despite the fact that prior to the accusations, he had not used them against his people. It was later shown that the U.S.-backed, Al Qaeda associated Al Nusra rebels who committed acts of atrocities against Syrians, including chemical weapons secretly smuggled across the border with Turkey courtesy of Saudia Arabia and a stockpile in now-chaotic Libya – remember Benghazi?

The Ukraine doesn’t want war, but the Soviet Union in the past, and the U.S. today, seem to want to push this nation to war because it’s democratically elected government rejected financial ties with Europe in favor of similar ties to Russia.


Libya didn’t want war, but when Gadhafi sought to unite African nations around their own gold-backed currency, it cost him his life.

The nation of Georgia didn’t want war, but a brash young leader, backed by the U.S., sought to pick a fight with Russia and lost.

The list can go on and on, but when you examine the headlines from the past few years, it seems the only nations that seem to desire wars are the U.S., Britain, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia. We citizens of the United States must demand an explanation from our leaders as to why we seem to come up with vague, sudden reasons to go to war in far off countries with no immediately identifiable benefits for the average American citizen.



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