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Iron Man 3 War Robots Ready for Real Life Testing June 2014

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In an attempt by fact to imitate fiction, the US military’s “Iron Man” armor will take an important step towards reality in June, when multiple prototypes will be revealed and tested.

According to a report by Defense Tech, Navy Admiral William  McRaven said three prototypes of the TALOS – Tactical Assault  Light Operator Suit – are currently being put together in the  hopes that they’ll be ready for testing this summer.

If everything goes according to schedule, McRaven said the TALOS  could become operational by 2018.

“That suit, if done correctly, will yield a revolutionary  improvement in survivability and capability for special  operators,” McRaven said Tuesday at a military conference in  Washington, DC.
Although the prototypes scheduled for June will be unpowered, the  military’s wish list of TALOS features is ambitious to say the  least. As RT reported last year, the suit is being  designed primarily with defense in mind and will likely include  liquid armor, a synthetic substance being developed at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This material has the  capability to shift from a liquid state to a solid within  milliseconds, making the suit’s wearer essentially impervious to  gunfire.

Should an operator suffer an injury anyway, the suit will be  capable of monitoring the individual’s health vitals and other  information using a built-in system that rests against the skin  and provides its own supply of heat, air, and oxygen. There are  additional plans to incorporate a “wound stasis” program that  could stop bleeding by spraying some kind of medical foam onto an  injury.


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February 13, 2014 at 5:11 pm

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