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In the Interests of National Security – What Is That Really?

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Whenever there are questions from the media or from American citizens regarding military or intelligence operations, the usual response from top government bureaucrats is, “I can’t get into specifics for the sake of national security” or some similar canned line. But therein lies the underlying problem in a supposed democracy: if citizens can’t ask questions, then how can they be sure their government is operating in their best interests?

Answer: they cannot!

The shadow government of powerful special interest groups and high ranking, secret society officials relies on the deception of vagueness and fuzzy logic when it comes to what Americans understand about “national security” versus what the government insiders really mean. Average Americans perceive protecting national security to mean that:

  1. We don’t let the enemy know the names and locations of spies
  2. We don’t let the enemy know the locations and movements of military personnel in war operations, including all strategies and tactics
  3. We don’t let the enemy know advanced military technology products and services
  4. We protect our immediate borders
  5. We protect our allies

In a nutshell, these listed items represent what Americans mean when they hear the catchphrase “national security.” But the powerful insiders who know better don’t see it this way. They use the expression to mean the following:

  1. We know that our enemies may have identified our assets spying in their countries and that these same enemies may be using them to spread misinformation back to us
  2. We don’t willingly let our citizens know about the fact that we secretly create enemies and run false flag operations in places where we have a secret mission to achieve a foreign policy goal. Thus we must keep this a top secret
  3. We won’t tell our citizens the true purpose of a military operation and must maintain the secrecy of such operations
  4. Our enemies already know our military technology because we use some of their imported parts in them
  5. The truest secrets are not those written on paper or stored on hard drives. The best kept secrets are those kept in plain sight, thus we must rely on propaganda to deceive the masses. Hence, our propaganda operations in schools and in the mainstream media must be kept secret
  6. We control the masses by deception

Over the last 230 years or so, various governments have practiced this duality in policy wherein the citizens were kept in the dark without knowing it. The American and French Revolutions were the first to rely on this concept. The various European revolutions of the 1800s also incorporated these principles of deception. The revolutions that swept Russia and Asia in the early to mid 1900s were founded on them as well. During the Cold War, Western and Eastern powers created an artificial détente as a massive divide and conquer operation to deceive the entire world. Today, the nexus of that power base has shifted to the West, with the U.S. taking the lead in destabilizing nations such as those in the Middle East for maximum propaganda (so that citizens of those victim nations would then desire the American “dream” which is why immigration reform will encouraging a loosening of worker visas), and in creating enemies like Al Qaeda in order to deceive the American public into supporting an increased military-police state domestically at the expense of the cherished Constitution.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

January 6, 2014 at 1:47 am

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