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Ariel Sharon and the Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy

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It is interesting that former head of Israel Arial Sharon has been kept alive in a vegetative state for since 2006, especially given the little known prophecy of Sharon and the messiah by a venerated rabbi, Yitshak Kaduri. First, let’s get up to speed on the latest news:

As Ariel Sharon nears death from kidney failure, medical experts in the United States say it is “remarkable” that the former prime minister of Israel has stayed alive for eight years in a vegetative state.

Sharon, who is 85 and can breathe on his own, has been in a coma and on a feeding tube since suffering a stroke at the height of his power in 2006.

“It’s pretty amazing they have kept him alive for as long as they have,” said Dr. James L. Bernat, a professor of neurology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. “It’s unusual for someone to survive that long. But the plan was to treat him aggressively, and that is not always the case in this country. Often the decision is made to let nature take its course.”

Now let’s examine some of the coverage of the Rabbi Kaduri prophecy:

Ariel Sharon Near Death! Will The Messianic Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Come True? (Updated)

This post is to put together the strange sequence of events surrounding Ariel Sharon Prime Minister of Israel.  It is believed that Ultra-Orthodox Jews placed a Kabbalistic death curse on Ariel Sharon for expelling  Jews from settlements in the West Bank.  Below is listed the video of the curse being conducted prior to Sharon suffering his stroke which led to his current Coma.  They say that following this curse Sharon fell ill 6 months to the day of this ceremony.

What makes this story stranger is that renowned Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri made a prophetic announcement that the Messiah would soon appear following the death of Ariel Sharon.  The Kauri prophecy is detailed concerning his prophecy that the Messiah is Jesus Christ.

Paul Begley is reporting that hospital officials are reporting that Sharon is entering renal failure as of January 2, 2014.  This is significant because many believe that the Messiah prophesied about could be the coming of the false prophet Antichrist.  So this is very interesting for those following prophecy and those interested in prophecy related to Israel.

Comment: Finally a fellow Christian that recognizes this for what it is. If this prophecy does come true the only individual it could be is the anti-christ. This Rabbi claims that the individual that is the “messiah” won’t realize it at first. That is physically and spiritually impossible since Jesus and God are omniscient. Too many christians aren’t reading their Bibles and paying attention. The Bible says Jesus’s second coming will be from the clouds for all to see.

Comment reply: Yes, it is true to not assume what people mean when they say Jesus Christ or Messiah. The Jews are still blinded and there is still a great deception to occur and I believe that this will be the antichrist which is spoken about that will sit in the temple in Jerusalem in the Great Tribulation. It however, does point out that we are on the cusp of the very end of human history prior to the return of Jesus Christ from the heavens. Thanks for the reply.

Israel Today was given access to many of the rabbi’s manuscripts, written in his own hand for the exclusive use of his students. Most striking were the cross-like symbols painted by Kaduri all over the pages. In the Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses. In fact, even the use of a plus sign is discouraged because it might be mistaken for a cross.
But there they were, scribbled in the rabbi’s own hand. When we asked what those symbols meant, Rabbi David Kaduri said they were “signs of the angel.” Pressed further about the meaning of the “signs of the angel,” he said he had no idea. Rabbi David Kaduri went on to explain that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God and had met the Messiah in his dreams.
Now in April 2007, before all this was known and the note had just been revealed (it had been a year since Kaduri’s death) I saw an English-written magazine and picked it up for something to read.  The magazine was a new issue of Israel Today, Monday, April 30, 2007; and I began reading this article about this Rabbi Kaduri naming Jesus the Messiah before his death.  I brought the magazine home with me because I remember thinking how significant was it that a 108 year old prominent Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi would name Jesus the Messiah before he died….saying he’d “MET” Him.
Well, now I think that there is a significance to it – maybe for such a time as this.  Rabbi Kaduri also mentioned in the synagogue that day he said he’d “met” the Messiah:  the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death. (Ariel Sharon is still in a coma.)

I am thinking that with all the connections between Sharon, Kaduri, JANUARY, and the Resurrection/Rapture in JANUARY 2011, there just may be some hint to the correlation of next January 2011 if we see Sharon’s death around that time.  After all, if Ariel Sharon should die in January 2011, and we are called home in that same month, it surely won’t be long (3 1/2 years of great tribulation) before Messiah Yeshua comes to rescue Jerusalem and appear to the nation of Israel.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

January 6, 2014 at 3:18 am

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  1. Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon is dead at 85. OK now what?


    January 12, 2014 at 12:45 pm

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