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Fukushima Revisited: Did an Earthquake-Tsunami Cause Nuclear Disaster, or Something More Sinister?

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English: Japan Nuclear power plants map. sourc...

English: Japan Nuclear power plants map. source : (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this article, we’ll present a few different viewpoints on exactly what happened at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. While the official reason is that a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, combined with a tsunami, caused the disaster, others have a different, more dark take on it: that Israel retaliated against Japan for offering to help Iran with its nuclear program. It’s interesting to note how some who believe the official version call those who differ “crazy,” which is the usual immature approach that the agents of the ones who run the shadow governments take. But we’ll let you decide…

Israel and Fukushima nuclear disaster

Posted on July 7, 2012

Israeli daily, YNet reported recently that Tokyo has asked for Israeli help to rehabilitate the city of Fukushima, which was hit particularly hard by the disastrous earthquacke and tsunami over a year ago.

Canadian daily The Globe And Mail reported on July 5, 2012 that a recent Japanese parliamentary panel has claimed that the nuclear accident at Fukushima was “man-made disaster” and not only due to tsunami.

“It is clear that this accident was a man-made disaster. Governments, regulatory authorities and Tokyo Electric Power lacked a sense of responsibility to protect people’s lives and society,” the Diet’s Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission said on Thursday.

In February 2010, Japan offered to enrich uranium for the Islamic Republic. Soon thereafter, an Israeli firm by the name Magna BSP, headed by Haim Siboni, secured a contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Last year, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that Magna BSP was providing security for the neculear plant prior to the disaster. In 2010, the firm installed security system “which included cameras and a warning system, enabling the facilitiy’s security staff to monitor anyone attempting to trespass onto the site or damage the parameter fence. The security system was designed to guard the plant against any hostile elements seeking to seize radioactive material to use in a terrorist attack,” reported Ha’aretz.

3/11 was Japan’s 9/11. It’s all documented folks!

Jim Stone’s Report

This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report.

This investigation has been endorsed by the engineers who designed and built Fukushima Diiachi It took them three hundred years and trillions of dollars to build a theatre of darkness, yet the light of only one match can burn it down. Do not let this light go out, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

This is the most censored and slandered report on the web. If you want to help the world avoid future nuclear catastrophes, possibly one near you, ARCHIVE AND POST THIS EVERYWHERE, Only you can make a difference


This is Japan’s 911, and it’s all based on official records and evidence which cannot be silenced. What is here is every bit as damning as building 7 on 9/11, while being far more important, and the fact that a large portion of even the truth movement has shunned this report will show you just how deep the conspiracy goes. It is essential for people to link, re-post and mirror this report, because e-mails related to it will be censored and people will not find their way here from an e-mail. It will also get deleted from sites like Above Top Secret and Godlike productions, and therefore failure to spread the word through other means will give the elite an ability to create a similar disaster elsewhere, possibly near you. This site is public domain, use anything here on your own site but mention my name and link back to here so people can find the source.

This is a massive and technical report. If you have troubles understanding it, just look at THIS classified picture of the  vanished reactor,  THIS classified picture of the  destroyed facility  and THIS picture of Magna BSP’s camera. Then scroll down to the photos which prove there was no actual quake damage to Japan and the original Japanese seismic charts which prove there was no 9.0. The linked public records prove that the very real tsunami which destroyed everything in it’s path could not have been natural. The fact that what happened in Japan did not occur naturally has been very well documented by a skilled investigator, who spent hundreds of hours getting to the bottom of this story.

NEW INFO: Japan offered to enrich uranium for IRAN!

The quake was not what we were told.

In fact, the quake was a bold faced lie, packing a political agenda. The proof goes beyond the linked Japanese chart. Please note – the date listed at the top is the date of compilation, Japan has thousands of seismic stations run by numerous organizations, and they take time to merge into one final report. That is the date listed at the top of this compilation (March 15), and there is a shill out there who can’t figure this out, a fact which should be obvious because the main seismograph in this report is dated and timed to the quake, and is a match for the lower resolution seismograms in this large compilation. This original seismic data is the smoking gun, however, I have something better. I analyzed the falsified charts put out by the USGS, and from them wrote this sad, sad story about how it had to be according to those charts, not what you will see in the newsroom video I have linked farther down the page which documents what really happened. Keep in mind that precise top speeds of flying debris cannot be determined with complete accuracy, but this story will at least be close to the numbers put out by the USGS.

The people in the newsroom did not die, this story is what would have happened if the USGS charts were true.

Meet Atsuo, Airi, and Akiyoshi. They were all the best and most dedicated people at the NHK newsroom, in Sendai Japan. Akiyoshi loved Airi, and Atsuo was the one who introduced them. Unfortunately, all 3 died in the quake. Akiyoshi got a severe cut and bled to death when he hit a display screen behind him at 44 miles an hour, and was then thrown out through a hole in a collapsed wall. Airi followed pretty much the same path, and died beside him in the rubble. Atsuo flew through the open door behind him, then crashed through a window and was crushed when he landed in a massive seismic crack in the road, which closed in on him. Others in the newsroom died also, but I never thought up names for them. At least, according to the official USGS charts. The laser printer was never found, but the table it was on ended up on top of the rubble, smashed to pieces, where one of the few survivors used a piece of the metal frame to splint his broken leg.

Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage

October 14, 2011

By Richard Walker

A leading Japanese journalist recently made two incredible claims about the Fukushima power plant that suffered a nuclear meltdown in March 2011, sending shockwaves around the world. First, the former editor of a national newspaper in Japan says the U.S. and Israel knew Fukushima had weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that were exposed to the atmosphere after a massive tsunami wave hit the reactor. Second, he  contends that Israeli intelligence sabotaged the reactor in retaliation for Japan’s support of an independent Palestinian state.

According to Yoishi Shimatsu, a former editor of Japan Times Weekly, these nuclear materials were shipped to the plant in 2007 on the orders of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, with the connivance of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The shipment was in the form of warhead cores secretly removed from the U.S. nuclear warheads facility BWXT Plantex near Amarillo, Texas. While acting as the middleman, Israel transported warheads from the port of Houston, and in the process kept the best ones while giving the Japanese older warhead cores that had to be further enriched at Fukushima.

Shimatsu credits retired CIA agent and mercenary Roland Vincent Carnaby with learning the warheads were being transported from Houston. In a strange twist, Carnaby was mysteriously shot dead less than a year later by Houston police at a traffic stop. He was shot once in the back and once in the chest. He did not have a weapon in his hands. Intelligence sources said he had been tracking a Mossad unit that was smuggling U.S. plutonium out of Houston docks for an Israeli nuclear reactor.

In an even more explosive charge, the journalist says that 20 minutes before the Fukushima plant’s nuclear meltdown, Israel was so upset with Japanese support for a Palestinian declaration of statehood that it double-crossed Japan by unleashing the Stuxnet virus on the plant’s  computers. The virus hampered the shutdown, leading to fallout from a section of the plant housing uranium and plutonium retrieved from the warheads supplied in 2007.

See more at:

Israeli Nukes Triggered Fukushima Quake, Crackpot Claims

By Katie Drummond 01.31.12

Seismologists at the U.S. Geological Survey, the International Seismological Center, and NASA have come to a consensus about last year’s cascading tragedies in Japan that left at least 16,000 dead and half a million homeless. A massive, 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit just off the country’s coast on Friday, March 11, the scientists say. The quake triggered huge tsunami waves, and those, in turn, catalyzed a series of nuclear accidents whose consequences will affect Japanese residents for decades.

Jim Stone, a self-professed former National Security Agency analyst with an “engineering background,” has a different explanation: The whole thing was a deliberate and dastardly act of nuclear war.

Time to recalibrate your seismographs, because this is Tinfoil Tuesday, our weekly look at the planet’s most insane conspiracy theories. Like Stone’s. He is pretty damn confident — 9,000 words kinda confident — that the earthquake in Japan was no earthquake at all. It was a nuclear explosion, detonated by the Israeli government to stop Japan from enriching uranium for Iran.

First off, Stone writes, Japan and Iran were in cahoots to develop nuclear weapons. That camaraderie didn’t sit well with Israel. Their government sprang into action once word leaked that “Japan [had] offered to enrich uranium for Israel’s GREAT SATAN, Iran.”

Israeli officials wasted no time getting all Rube Goldberg about a retaliation plot. They started by putting a nuclear weapon in the depths of the ocean, just off Japan’s coast.

Then, they concealed several nukes inside giant security cameras. A mere four months later, a collective of Israeli engineers pretending to work for a security company — the Dimona Dozen is what Stone calls them — knocked on Japan’s door to install some spiffy new, bizarrely enormous security cams inside the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

That done, Israel sat back and waited for a naturally occurring earthquake to strike Japan. When a 6.67 quake hit on March 11, causing minor damage, Israel allegedly leaped into action.

Hold on a sec. Security-camera-nukes? A minor earthquake? “I was in Tokyo for that earthquake,” Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, tells Danger Room. “Trust me. That was no minor event.”

Stone, at least, might boast the most narrative prowess of all those crackpots. His write-up includes some choice dramatic reenactments, including the story of Japanese reporters “Atsuo, Airi and Akiyoshi” — the latter two were lovers, the former had set them up — and how their gruesome deaths would have played out, had a 9.0 earthquake really hit Japan.


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