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NSA Officials Trying to Trick Snowden With Promises of Amnesty?

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Official portrait of NSA director Keith B. Ale...

Official portrait of NSA director Keith B. Alexander. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senior National Security Agency officials in the United States say they’ve considered making a deal with former contractor Edward Snowden that would give amnesty to the leaker charged with espionage if he stops disclosing secret documents.

Both the director of the NSA and the government official in  charge of the agency’s Snowden task force tell CBS News that  they’ve considered the possibility of cutting a deal with the  30-year-old former contractor, who fled the US for Hong Kong  earlier this year with a trove of top-secret documents.

Snowden, who is reportedly now working in Russia after being  granted temporary asylum there in August, might be able to return  to the US and avoid prosecution if the American government agrees  to an amnesty deal that would likely put an embargo on the stolen  cache of files.

Asked by   CBS News’ John Miller on Thursday, the NSA official tasked  with leading a specialized group in charge of the Snowden case  said “it’s worth having a conversation about” a possible  amnesty pact with the subject of his probe.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

December 14, 2013 at 5:44 pm

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