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Was the D.C. Assassination of Dental Hygienist Miriam Carey a Cover for 3rd Party Control of U.S. Gov’t?

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Pictured: A neighbor has confirmed to MailOnline that this is Miriam Carey, the woman who is believed to have been shot dead by Capitol Police

The tragic case of a young, successful career-oriented professional, Miriam Carey, followed the typical pattern of propaganda that seduces the public to believe the official story without much questioning or follow up. Whenever the government colludes with the mainstream media and paints the “enemy of the state” target as “crazy” or “delusional” or “paranoid” or whatever nut job label you apply, the majority of the public automatically turn off their scrutiny gene and just accept the news at face value. But this particular case of a normal, gainfully employed, well-mannered American mother with a one-year old child traveling over 200 miles to Washington D.C. from Connecticut to ram into the White House and Capitol Hill, who is then swarmed by every law enforcement agency from the Secret Service to White House Police to Washington D.C. Police and shots at least 12 times to death and then have numerous law enforcement officers wearing hazmat suits quarantine not only her apartment but her entire apartment complex is the most bizarre conspiracy against a citizen in history.

Amid all the drama, the heroic police were miraculously able to save the baby before executing Ms. Carey. But did the public ever stop to ask: Why, if the police had a chance to access the baby long enough to pull it out, that they could not have just flattened one of the rear passenger side tires below the back window?

So is there another level of operation going on here?

Ignore the tragic smoke and mirrors that is the death of this unarmed professional woman with an attractive smile. Let’s set aside the obvious bait that the propagandists want us to believe. The overall result of this operation, which we can call Operation Real Shutdown, was that Congress came to a halt and a police state was declared around the highest offices of the U.S. Government.

One Congressman was told to take his congressional pin off his jacket under the false pretenses that that could make him a target. Keep in mind that Ms. Carey was unarmed, and thus clearly not a threat. Snipers and sharpshooters were posted all over the capitol, as if an armed group of terrorists were attacking the White House like in Olympus Has Fallen and other White House tragedy movies (the usual pattern of art imitating life imitating art to fool the masses).

If anything, this operation should prove there is a shadow government running the government we think we know, and this shadow government encompasses the control of the money (U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve, Wall Street), control of spending money on bribes (lobbyists, campaign fund raising), and control of the military-intelligence apparatus (Dept. of Homeland Security, all branches of the military, CIA, FBI, NSA), and leaders of local law enforcement (top chiefs, police unions). There are public “puppet” officials that the public is acquainted with, but their puppet masters pretty much stay out of the public eye, operating in the shadows.

This shadow government needs to regularly practice its principles through the use of “drills” to keep it on its toes periodically. The sad case of Miriam Carey is one of those cases. It is entirely possible that Ms. Carey’s case was a “kill two birds with one stone” operation where she may have been purposely misled into coming to the nation’s capital under false pretenses (some suggest a possible “love child” link with the president after an emergency visit to a dentists in Connecticut in 2011, but this is tough to substantiate from multiple independent sources). Perhaps her having worked with a dentist who was well-connected while in the Navy may have played a role. We know of cases where lower level healthcare workers stumble into highly classified medical research information that they were not supposed to know. One such case we came across involved a nurse who worked for a world-known medical research doctor who worked on a top secret research case involving condoms targeted for sale in minority neighborhoods where the condoms were deliberately made to fail to reduce STDs. So perhaps Ms. Carey stumbled into dental research info and was told to come to D.C. to a “special hearing.” Perhaps such information was related to the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting massacre (it’s not too far from where she lived and worked). This is speculation, but something credible drew her into coming to Washington, D.C., and we are not being told what it was that made her drive there. We do believe that the government uses ELF weapons for mind control (it’s well documented for those who have not taken time to research mind control experiments), but we are skeptical in this case because the media reported that Ms. Carey made comments to the effect that Obama was communicating with her, but unless there are independent witnesses who can corroborate that, then we have to conclude that this is an attempt to impugn her character further so that the public does not ask any more questions about this strange case.

Getting back to Ms. Carey’s tragedy, her family has posed some interesting questions about the circumstances surrounding this cold-blooded assassination of an American citizen (source:

•Why did Capitol Hill police, who are trained to be temperate, instead shot to kill an unarmed woman who had a baby in the back seat of her car? No guns or bombs or threatening letters were found in her car. (To that I’ll add this: If police thought Miriam’s careening car was a public hazard, why didn’t they shoot out the car’s tires?)
Why did police not follow the usual procedure of notifying the next of kin first? Instead, according to Valerie Carey, police released Miriam’s identification to the public before notifying her family. Valerie found out about her sister from a reporter’s phone call.
When the Carey family traveled to Washington, DC, they were told they couldn’t see Miriam’s body but were just shown a photo of her body.
•To this day, the Carey family has not been given an official notification of Miriam’s death, or of the autopsy report, or how many times she was shot.
•Why are black race-agitators like Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel silent about Miriam’s shooting death when they normally raise a hue-and-cry about any alleged police mistreatment of blacks? Sharpton’s silence is especially noteworthy because Miriam’s sister, Valerie Carey, is on the executive board of his National Action Network. Did somebody get to Sharpton?
•Why did the police intimidate and silence Carey family attorney Eric Sanders?
Why is Miriam being discredited and portrayed as a mentally-ill, deranged woman when there is no evidence as such? On the contrary, Miriam was highly functional, being a dental hygienist. The only medication she was taking was prescription med for post-partum depression.
•And the biggest question of all: Why did Miriam Carey drive to Washington, DC that day, and specifically to the White House?

We implore you not to forget this case and to let us know if you have more info.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

December 2, 2013 at 3:07 am

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