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The White House, NSA, Want to Limit Citizens’ Access to Classified Info

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Typical redacted, de-classified "secret&q...

Typical redacted, de-classified “secret” document released by the government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Officials in the Obama administration have demanded that federal government agencies evaluate how a total of five million Americans have been granted classified information security clearances and, of those, how many truly require it.

  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, in a document  obtained by Politico, questioned why more than 1.4 million people  have been authorized for a “Top Secret” clearance level.  Approximately 3.5 million Americans have lesser security  clearance levels.

  Pundits and lawmakers alike have wondered how secure the vetting  process is after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and suspected  Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis were granted security  clearance.

I write to express my concern about threats to national  security resulting from the increasing number of people with  eligibility for access to classified national security  information, particularly Top Secret (TS) and Top Secret/Secure  Compartmented Information (TS/SCI),” Clapper wrote.

  The directive was dated October 31 and cited at a Senate hearing  earlier this week. Clapper instructed agencies to examine which  employees were on a need to know basis and to revoke access to  classified material for those who were not.

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November 23, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Why Did Lee Harvery Oswald Choose the Depository Building to Shoot JFK From – And Other Odd Things

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It’s the 50th anniversary of JFK‘s assassination and the mainstream news media has blanketed the airwaves with memorials and past live news feeds from Nov. 22-24, 1963. The “conspiracy theorists” are interviewed, as well as the anti-conspiracists who have no bad word to say about the CIA, Mossad, FBI, Dallas Police, etc., but go out of their way to explain and discredit every single conspiracy theory. They only want the world to believe the Warren Commission, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin who worked at a blue collar job at a simple school book depository building who knew to plant a rifle on the 6th floor at the right moment that JFK’s motorcade cruised past the building; and he was able to perfectly land 3 shots with ease.

Case closed!

But is it that simple?

Has anyone ever bothered to ask why did Oswald even choose the depository building where he worked in the first place? And how did he know in advance that JFK’s limousine would not have the protective dome over, especially on a chilly day, like he normally did? And how Oswald even knew that JFK’s Secret Service detail would suddenly not have the agents who walk along the side of the car? And how Oswald, a self-described Marxist, would decide that Dallas, a very conservative Republican city, would be the perfect place for a leftist Marxist to carry out his one-man conspiracy?

At that time, the country was still very anti-communist, and that includes Marxists (even though, technically, Marxism is not exactly the same as Communism, but Americans, particularly many southerners, didn’t care about such distinctions). A Gallup poll in 1954 said that 50% of Americans sided with the anti-Communist McCarthy point of view. The numbers were likely far higher in Texas. Nine years later, America was pretty much the same, so it would be a big gamble for a Marxist to assassinate a president in Dallas.


Jack “Ruby” Rubenstein was considered a groupie to Dallas Police, according to surviving officers. He was also described as having a passionate admiration for JFK. One officer who was handling Oswald as they led him passed Jack Ruby said it was thought that Ruby was Secret Service or in some official capacity, which is why no one suspected a thing when he pulled his gun and perfectly delivered the fatal shot to Oswald, killing him. But could it be that Ruby was a “groupie” because he knew how to groom the police as a Plan B to neutralize the chosen patsy (Oswald in this case) to keep him from testifying to the truth? Oswald had already been talking to the press, telling them repeatedly that he was innocent and was a fall guy or “patsy” for a larger conspiracy. The propaganda machine immediately labeled him crazy, going into his childhood to exaggerate his troubled childhood to paint the picture of a nut job, much the way they always do with the crazed lone assassin fall guy. Just look at RFK’s assassin, and MLK’s assassin. Look at McKinley’s assassin, Reagan’s would-be assassin, Ford’s would-be assassin, etc. Always a “crazy” person.


ABC News spoke to the grand daughter of Jean Hill, the woman next to the “Lady in Red” who happened to be taking pictures of JFK just as he passed by and was shot. The grand daughter said Jean heard at least 4 shots, not 3. She was ridiculed for the rest of her life, but according to her grand daughter, she went to the grave repeating that she in fact heard at least 4 shots.

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November 23, 2013 at 7:04 am

Nov. 22, 1963: How Did Dallas Police Find Lee Harvey Oswald Within 90 Seconds of the JFK Assassination?

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English: Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald with rifle...

English: Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald with rifle, supposedly taken in Oswald’s back yard, Neely Street, Dallas Texas, March 1963. The photo was Warren Commission exhibit 133-A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a very busy life and only have time to believe the official Warren Commission narrative of events surround the JFK assassination, the Dallas Police located and identified Lee Harvey Oswald, an average blue collar worker with a checkered past, as the prime suspect within 90 seconds of the shooting. Thus, you must conclude that the biggest and most well-orchestrated crime of the century was solved in 90 seconds.

90 seconds?

There are much less sophisticated murders with much more obvious evidence that took longer to solve. Either Dallas Police were psychics or the most lucky police force in history to have instantly located Lee Harvey Oswald. “90 seconds” alone should make one pause and ask questions. There are many discrepancies with the account of the pursuit of Oswald as told by the police officer on the scene, Marion L. Baker (a motorcycle officer), and the superintendent of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building (TSBD), Roy Truly.

There are some websites that have done a good job analyzing the evidence from the JFK assassination. One of those sites is The site shows some interesting discrepancies in the testimonies of the arresting officer and those who worked at the Depository building, including those who came out during their lunch breaks to watch JFK’s limousine go by.

Oswald when he served in the US Marine Corps

Oswald when he served in the US Marine Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What made Officer Baker go to the Depository Bldg while civilians and officers were headed towards the grassy area in a frenzy? ABC News televised an interview with a married construction worker, Mr. Newman (father of 2, along with his wife) who said that officers were rushing towards the grassy area near the railroad tracks where the sound of the bullets seemed to come from. This corroborates Billy Nolan Lovelady’s initial statement. The local and national ABC News reported the following unusual things about the presidential limousine protection that day:

1. There was no protective “bubble” or dome over the car. It was open air. Usually there is a protective dome over the limousine.

2. The usual Secret Service agents who normally walk along the limousine were not in their normal positioning.

3. Although most of the buildings along  JFK’s drive route were vetted, the Depository Bldg was not, according to a live ABC News interview on the day of the assassination with a senior official.

They also reported that the suspect they are looking for was wearing a white shirt. Oswald had a dark, long sleeved shirt over an undershirt. Of course, it could have been that since it was live coverage, eyewitness reports would have been sporadic and sketchy when it comes to descriptions of suspects. For more on the four discrepancies found with Dallas police officer Baker, go here:

Oswald being brought out of the Texas Theater ...

Oswald being brought out of the Texas Theater immediately after his arrest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the clear discrepancies in the testimony of Carolyn Arnold between her Nov. 26, 1963 statement and her Mar. 18, 1964 statement, go here:

For the strange, curious reason why no law enforcement interviewed JFK’s personal physician who signed the death certificate, Dr. George G. Burkley, start researching here: 

Mugshot taken of Lee Harvey Oswald, taken foll...

Mugshot taken of Lee Harvey Oswald, taken following his arrest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note that it is interesting that law enforcement locked in on Lee Harvey Oswald almost immediately but had NOT interviewed Dr. Burkley, who concluded that the multiple shots with different entry and exit wounds indicates more than on shooter. (Local ABC News station WFAA reported an updated report of 4 bullets during it’s live coverage). What’s more, Dr. Malcolm Perry, who was at Parkland Hospital and tended to JFK, said in a televised news conference an hour after the assassination that the entrance wound was in JFK’s neck, as if the bullet were coming at him (not from the right or the back). Dr. Perry reportedly repeated this testimony twice at the news conference. But as with other witnesses, he later changed his “opinion” to be more consistent with the Warren Commission, which has since been discredited.

Also, “Dr. Burkley filled out Kennedy’s Death Certificate. In the “Summary of Facts Relating to Death,” he states, “A second wound occurred in the posterior back at about the level of the third thoracic vertebra.” The 3rd thoracic vertebra is 5 ½ inches below the neck.” For more on the attending physicians, go here:

Ruby shoots Oswald. Robert H. Jackson won the ...

Ruby shoots Oswald. Robert H. Jackson won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography for this photograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So if the police and FBI had not talked to these physicians, how did they know to zero in on Lee Harvey Oswald in 90 seconds, or even 30 minutes later as in the case of the slain Dallas police office Tippit? This shows the true nature of the assassination arrest was not to find the truth, but to find the fall guy to immediately distract attention away from the truth. This is a tried and true, basic strategy of sophisticated criminal conspiracies at the highest level: The best way to get away with this kind of assassination is to divert attention with a bold, quick and easy-to-understand fall guy or false flag operation.

Related to the Dr. Burkley mystery are other mysteries such as the disappearance of key evidence:

The question, again, remains: How did law enforcement zero in on Lee Harvey Oswald in 90 seconds and yet key evidence was missing or tampered with?

English: The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle owned by...

English: The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle owned by Lee Harvey Oswald. Warren Commission Exhibit 139, now at the National Archives facility in College Park, Maryland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following link is presumably the interview of Billy Nolan Lovelady, who some say resembled Lee Harvey Oswald and who also said he heard a gunshot coming from a concrete structure/building on the grassy knoll, not the Depository bldg. where he worked at.

As for the killing of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit, WhoKilledJFK.Net shows actual police and hospital reports that prove that Oswald did not have time to kill at 1235 pm CST, try to blend in with the lunch room people on the 2nd floor of the depository building, then try to get a ride all the way to kill Officer Tippit before Tippit was pronounced dead at 110pm at the hospital! So the FBI created a report that listed Tippit’s death at 1:25pm. It is interesting to note that televised news coverage at 115pm did not mention the killing of Officer Tippit yet (watch the Jay Watson WFAA TV (ABC Dallas local news) coverage). Photo of bird’s eye view of distance is here –

English: Commission Exhibit 514: Position of t...

English: Commission Exhibit 514: Position of the C2766 rifle when found on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas, Texas. The Warren Commission concluded that the rifle was bought, owned, and possessed by Lee Harvey Oswald, who used it in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Tippit was killed with an automatic pistol, which Oswald did not have (the police reportedly collected a Smith and Wesson revolver that they claimed was Oswald’s). FBI experts confirmed that the bullets that killed Tippit could not have come from the revolver! Remember that initial televised JFK assassination reports said that JFK was hit with an automatic weapon. The FBI also tried to get Dallas police to change the Tippit crime inventory sheet regarding Oswald’s alleged Minox camera, which was a very expensive spy-quality camera that someone with Oswald’s blue collar job couldn’t afford. Dallas Police refused to change the inventory sheet.

Finally, what made several officers go to a movie theater to arrest Oswald? According to a Miami CBS interview with Officer Tippit’s partner, R.C. Nelson, said:

“Oswald shot Tippit on 10th Street in Dallas and Nelson and several others went to a library a block away…’While we were preparing to go into the library, we heard someone had gone into the Texas (movie) theater without paying,’ Nelson said. ‘It was about three blocks away and we converged on the Texas theater.’”

Why would the fact that someone didn’t pay at this theater distract the officers from entering the library? Perhaps there’s a good reason, but it is rather odd. In addition, the local ABC News live coverage of the event said that there were reports that an armed man (shotgun over his shoulder) walked into a movie theater, and judging from the food and trash items found at the theater, he had been there a while, perhaps overnight, which would conflict with Oswald being at work, shooting JFK (as we noted elsewhere in this article, showing that Oswald did not have enough time to leave the scene of the assassination and then kill Tibbit and then walk into a theater with a rifle over his shoulder). We included this note as a sideline to the main narrative and not as anything conclusive or definitive, other than to note how unusual this is for a police response.

 Go here for more info:

Criminal inteligence report (FBI) with a newsp...

Criminal inteligence report (FBI) with a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News reporting Oswald´s contacted Cuban Embassy in Mexico City about two months before the assassination of JFK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are satisfied with the Warren Commission magic bullet, lone assassin theory, then so be it. But it behooves every one of us to take some time out of our busy schedules to do justice to the pursuit of truth and understand how the world really works, especially when very dark and ugly things happen. Because if it can happen to JFK, it can happen to the rest of us for any reason once we are considered enemies of the state, where the “state” is an entity that has moved far away from being beneficial to the majority, but instead is beholden to the few powerful elite ones.

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November 22, 2013 at 7:27 pm

If U.S. Secret Service Was 98 Yrs Old When JFK Assassinated, How Did Lone Gunman Outwit Them?

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Ike Altgens' photo of presidential limousine t...

Ike Altgens’ photo of presidential limousine taken between the first and second shots that hit President Kennedy. Kennedy’s left hand is at his throat and Mrs. Kennedy’s left hand is holding his arm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As is known by anyone who takes a little time out of their busy schedule to study the JFK assassination, it is quite implausible and even laughable to think a lone, rather peculiar gunman simply decided one day he wants to shoot the president to death against all the odds. The Secret Service, which was created in 1865 as part of the Dept of Treasury to protect the money supply, eventually expanded its scope of operations to include protecting the U.S. President, starting with Pres. Cleveland in 1894 on a part time basis. After Pres. McKinley’s assassination in 1901, the Secret Service become fully involved in protecting the President (it is very peculiar that the protection wasn’t requested before McKinley assassinated). Full funding of presidential protection began in 1906. The Secret Service then gave birth to what would become the FBI in 1908. They expanded to protecting the president’s family in 1917, the same year it became illegal to make a threat against the president.



Congress   enacted legislation that permanently authorized Secret Service protection of   the president, his immediate family, the president-elect, and the vice   president, if he wishes. (Public Law – 82-79).


Congress authorized protection of former presidents for a reasonable period of time.


Congress expanded coverage to include the vice president (or the next officer to   succeed the president) and the vice president-elect. (Public Law 87-829).


Congress passed legislation for protection of Mrs. John F. Kennedy and her minor children for   two years. (Public Law 83-195).


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Interesting Quote from Libya’s Late Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi

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Tell the coward crusaders:
I live in a place where you can’t get to and kill me.
I live in the hearts of millions.
– Muammar al-Gaddafi –

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Credible 9/11 Truth Author and Trained Commercial and Gov’t Pilot Assassinated with 2 Kids by U.S. Intelligence?

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English: World Trade Center, New York, aerial ...

English: World Trade Center, New York, aerial view March 2001. Français : Le World Trade Center à New York. Vue aérienne datant de mars 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philip Marshall was killed in a black operation over confessing to having worked with CIA drug smugglers and the potential exposure of 9/11 secrets.

In the background to this, former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA, dismissing the suicide hypothesis. Marshall was afraid of being silenced for his revelations about 9/11, Madsen said, noting that a side door the investigator never used was wide open when his dead body was found. Marshall believed the former US President George Bush had pulled off the 9/11 attack to foment a government coup. In his fourth book, he was supposed to disclose blockbuster information.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American author and political expert in Madison, Wisconsin, to further discuss the issue. Barrett is joined by Lee Kaplan, investigative journalist from Berkley. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview with Barrett.

Press TV: Mr. Barrett let’s start from the beginning. Do you think that Philip Marshall was murdered?

Barrett: When I heard about this I was actually attending the Hollywoodism conference in Tehran and it did sound very suspicious.

Philip Marshall had written the book called ‘The Big Bamboozle’ (The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror), which outlines a lot of things about 9/11.

I don’t necessarily agree with all his conclusions about the details of 9/11, but he certainly was casting severe doubt on certain aspects of the official story and that did make his book somewhat dangerous.

But I think more importantly he had said to his friends and his associates, before he was killed, that he was sitting on a bomb-shell, some kind of information that was going to change everything and he was going to be publishing this in his next book.

I want to look at that aspect of what was said Kevin Barrett. What do you think of that actual allegation that Washington and Riyadh colluded on the 9/11 attacks? 

Barrett: Well, you know, Riyadh has been a puppet of what we might call the Zio-American Empire for lack of a better term. 

The real power structure in the world, the most powerful power structure in the world is the Federal Reserve and the military forces that it controls including the US military and Saudi Arabia ever since it signed an agreement with President Roosevelt in 1945, has been essentially allowing US leaders, which means international banker leaders to dictate our policy. To dictate oil prices. 

So it’s true that whatever kind of black operations get Okayed by the top of the power pyramid here in the US are going to be obeyed and participated in by the Saudis.

I mean the Saudis can’t even fly their own planes for goodness sake. 

You know, the US sells them war planes and the US has to supply pilots and maintenance people to run the planes. 

You know, the Saudis are a pathetic puppet state.

Philip Marshall he spoke out about this in part, I think the reason that he was killed was that he was a drug pilot. He worked with a very sealed and notorious CIA drug smuggling pilot who confessed to having smuggled drugs for the CIA. 

[He] confessed to having worked with Oliver North (a former United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel) on that operation flying drugs through Mena-Arkansaw (city of Mena in Arkansas to the unincorporated place of Arkansaw in Wisconsin).

Having done that, having that kind of background, having participated with the CIA organized crime that’s just placed in New Orleans, which he wrote about in his first novel, I think it was lakeshore about the airport in New Orleans that he talked about where cocaine was coming in.

Now it’s obvious that the official [9/11] story is wrong if you just look at a couple of things.  One is the obvious controlled demolition of building 7 (World Trade Center building 7), which happened at 5:20 something in the afternoon on 9/11.  It was reported twenty minutes early by the BBC.

The owner of the World Trade Centre Larry Silverstein later he admitted that he had been involved in the decision to quote pull it or conduct a controlled demolition of building 7.

And yet he was, you know, in a mobbed up courtroom, he was able to get a double indemnity on his insurance money including nearly a billion dollars for building 7 alone, the building that he had admitted that he had demolished.  Another aspect is just obviously wrong about the official story is this notion that they could hit the pentagon, but at 9:35 in the morning when in fact the first planes had been supposedly noticed off course at 8:14 in the morning, almost an hour and a half earlier. So for an hour and a half these supposedly hijacked airlines could just fly around anywhere they want to go, disappear from everyone’s radar screens and suddenly reappear out of nowhere over Washington DC and do an amazing stunt maneuver that that type of plane wasn’t even capable of – to put a tiny little hole surrounded by intact windows in only the first floor of the pentagon with not a scratch on the lawn.  The whole story is absurd and it doesn’t take that much digging to find that out.


BARRETT: Yeah, well I do follow your work, and you’ve made a number of very interesting breakthroughs, and your piece on Phillip Marshall is very important. I mean, those of us in the 9/11 Truth community should not just take it lying down when somebody is murdered along with their children to keep this covered up. I think that’s more or less what happened to Paul Wellstone as well. These people have no shame; I mean killing the children all with their targets, it’s absolutely disgusting. Why don’t you give the listeners sort of a rundown on Phillip Marshall?

MADSEN: Well Phillip Marshall, I have to admit I wasn’t all that familiar with his work, but when I read his biography along with the…some really scurrilous news reports that, ‘yknow, he was this, ‘yknow, this repressed killer who snapped, and put a gun on the head of his 17 year old son and his 14 year old daughter, and his little pet shih tzu, Suki, y’know, you start to wonder what in the world is going on here. Now, of course, being an independent journalist, I’m not the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or even the San Francisco Chronicle, where I can, y’know, dispatch people to investigate all these mysterious murders, so I have to pick and choose the ones which I can look in, but this one was so far up on the radar screen, I flew out to California. Phil Marshall lived in a very small, gated sub-development outside of the town of Murphys, which is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and he lived in a sub-division called Forest Meadows — mostly retirees from San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles. Phillip Marshall himself moved there about 10 years ago from Santa Barbara. As you mentioned he’s a retired United Airlines pilot. He moved up to Murphys to have more seclusion because he planned on writing some books. Now his first book was a novel, but based on real life occurences, called Lake Front. Lake Front being the New Orleans Downtown Airport which saw a lot of traffic in the early to mid 80s associated with…later with the Iran-Contra scandal, but a lot of CIA activity involved involved with the Drug Enforcement Administration with one Barry Seal…

MADSEN: Well, listen…yeah…this is something that actually plagued me when I was in California looking into the Phil Marshall case. I’m not sure how much you heard, but so Marshall’s first… He moved to Calaveras County from Santa Barbara about ten years ago for more seclusion because he planned on writing books, and the first book was called Lake Front, about Lake Front Airport in downtown New Orleans, where he and Barry Seal worked together in the early 80s. I would point out there’s also a photograph that has shown up showing Phil Marshall in 1984 at the Mena airfield in Arkansas. Now this is the famous, or infamous, airport that was the scene of a lot of cocaine smuggling from Latin America in return for US weapons being shipped to the Contras in Nicaragua and the various drug cartels. And I spoke to one of Phil Marshall’s long time friends who said that Phil Marshall went to work for Eastern Airlines first after he was a DEA and CIA pilot, ferrying among others Barry Seal around through New Orleans and Mena airfield. But Phil Marshall went to work for Eastern Airlines, but later he was looking at the television in, I guess, 1986, when a big story broke and we saw a uniformed Marine Corp. Lt. Colonel take an oath before a Joint Sub-Committee of the Senate and House, and he pointed the guy out and said “Hey, I met him down at Lake Front Airport.” And that was, of course, Lt. Colonel Oliver North who turned out to be, y’know, one of the key players in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Marshall had some interesting connections early on, and it looks like towards the end he was becoming someone more interested in telling the truth than having anything to do with his former acquaintances and associates, which makes the Sheriff…the Calveras County Sheriff’s contention that he shot his two children, his dog and then himself even that much more unbelievable.

BARRETT: Right, and he was obviously mixed up with some pretty high level organized criminals in his days as an associate of Barry Seal.  Maybe the listeners may not remember that Barry Seal was gunned down in, I think it was Baton Rouge, or New Orleans, one of the two…

MADSEN: Baton Rogue, 19…February 19th in 1986.

BARRETT: Right. And Barry Seal had been a CIA drug pilot. This was part of the Cocaine-for-the-Contras thing that Olly North and probably George H.W. Bush, was smuggling cocaine with the CIA to support the Contra insurgency in Nicaragua. And then Barry Seal got gunned down in Baton Rogue after he had turned just state’s evidence against, guess who, his own lawyer, Richard Ben-Veniste, who later served on the 9/11 Commission. Very interesting tie-ins here.

MADSEN: Yeah, and the interesting thing is too is that Barry Seal was a CIA/DEA informant turned whistleblower. He was gunned down in Baton Rogue. The federal judge, Polozola, who was actually a crony of the Bush family, sort of put him in a limbo category. Seal was offered Witness Protection Program but that would have meant he would have had very little contact with his family, he wanted something different. The federal judge who was linked to the Mafia, and the Marcello crime family in New Orleans, and we know about that link to previous incidents in New Orleans involving…

BARRETT: Wasn’t the Marcello crime family, weren’t they actually tied into the Martin Luther King assassination, as I recall….

MADSEN: Also John F. Kennedy.


MADSEN: Also that of John F. Kennedy.

BARRETT: So they’ve worked with the CIA and other government bad guys in these kinds of assassinations.

MADSEN: That’s right. So we have a have a dirty judge who basically left Seal out to dry. He was gunned down, I think, he was shot multiple times in his car in the parking lot of a Salvation Army in Baton Rogue. They looked in the trunk in his car, they found the private phone number of George H.W. Bush, in addition to Seal’s Honduran passport, which was issued, of course, in another name. Seal was very connected to these operations. Marshall knew him well enough because Marshall basically flew Seal around in a CIA Lear jet after, of course, Seal had his license revoked, his pilot license revoked after his arrest. Seal himself had been a former pilot for TWA, and I believe he was the youngest pilot in the airline’s history. Marshall himself was a pretty young pilot for Eastern, but when Frank Lorenzo took over Eastern and went after the pilot’s union and the other unions Marshall said “I’m not going to be a scab, I’m not crossing pickets lines”, so he left Eastern because of the anti-union…the union busting policies of Lorenzo and went to work for United.

BARRETT: Hmm. Wow. What an interesting history.So somebody who’s been this involved with, well, CIA, DEA, the drug smuggling, the dark side or overworld of the government, maybe is not supposed to be doing 9/11 truth books. Is that the message that was sent by this killing?

MADSEN: Well, I’m not certain. I’ve spoke to many of Marshall’s neighbors, friends and none of them, of course, believe the official story that he did this. The person they described to me was a very mellow guy, with a sense of humor, who cared all the world about his kids, who participated in his son’s little league games and with the football, and took the daughter on outings with her high school friends, very involved with the community, very involved with her school, so of course when this tragedy occured there’s a memorial at the high school in San Andreas, California, but none of Marshall’s family who flew out there were allowed to attend. They came in from Georgia, and from North Carolina, and from his native Louisiana, and because basically the Sheriff put the word out that he did it; y’know, a conclusive report, even though, y’know, the crime scene had not been thoroughly investigated. And I also discovered that the Calaveras County Sheriff, who I might add I understand is sort of in line with the Tea Party Republicans, sent in professional cleaners to clean the crime scene before the investigation was actually complete. On two occassions…


MADSEN. …On two occasions that the cleaners were there, there were SUVs spotted in the driveway, people combing the house inside and outside. One night was with five or six guys with flashlights looking around the grounds behind the house, they were in the house. One vehicle with State of California tags, even though the Sheriff said it was a county matter and it had no state involvement in the investigation. And there was another SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof of the vehicle, so there was a lot of attention after the yellow tape was removed and it was no declared as no longer as a crime scene. There was also an attempted break-in. I was there on the 13th of February, and looked around the house, spoke to a bunch of the people who lived in the neighborhood, and that evening the home was broken in to, somebody got through a sliding door in the back of the house and was after something. Also members of his estranged family showed up the next day and rifled through various drawers and boxes in the garage looking for something. It seems like Phillip Marshall had something somebody wanted, and something that somebody was willing to kill for, and he told a friend of his, after his last book he wrote that came out, I believe in November, and he was actually on a interview on AM Coast-to-Coast with Susan Lindauer, who many people may be familiar with also…

BARRETT: Yeah, she’s been on my show many times.

MADSEN: Yeah, so he was on Coast-to-Coast with Susan Lindauer, and y’know, his book The Big Bamboozle, about how, y’know, the Bush family, Cheney, the Saudi Government, they were all complicit in 9/11; he also added the Neo-Cons in that.

BARRETT: Let’s not forget the Neo-Cons…

MADSEN: Yeah, right. And more importantly, he told a friend of his that he was working on a fourth book, and he said “you’re really going to be shocked to see what I have in this fourth book.” Now what that book was nobody seems to know what the subject was, nobody seems to know, but… Being a New Orleans native, and I have to add too that he was such a fan of the New Orleans Saints that when the team suspended the coach for some, I guess, rule infractions with the NFL, he actually paid for planes with banners to fly over the stadiums, arenas…stadiums where the Saints were playing saying, y’know, “Free the Coach.” The fact is, this murder took place, these shootings took place two days before the Super-Bowl was going to be at the Super-Dome in New Orleans, and Phil Marshall told all his friends that he was anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl, even though the Saints weren’t in it, it was in the Saint’s, ‘yknow, home stadium, and certainly they, ‘yknow, they said that…not only did he never show any signs of that depression, but they said he certainly wouldn’t have done anything like that two days before the Super Bowl was going to be held in New Orleans.

BARRETT: Wow. So in terms of speculation about what information he might have had that would be worth killing him for, do you have information on that?

MADSEN: Well, looking at the people he knew early on; Barry Seal, now Barry Seal was a member of the Group of 40, a shadowy CIA group that included people like Ted Shackley, Porter Goss, Felix Rodriguez – as a matter of fact there was a photograph of many of these individuals taken in February 1963 in Mexico City. Several months later, of course, Lee Harvey Oswald shows up in Mexico City, not as I feel, or many other people feel, was to make contact with the Cubans and Soviets to kill President Kennedy, but to find out what the Group of 40 was doing, because as we later found Lee Harvey Oswald was an informant for both the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI.

Somebody he met in the past who showed up and said, “hey, you’re an author, how about this information?”, and maybe he was working on something either directly related to the JFK assassination, or peripherally involved, something, maybe another take on Iran-Contra, because some of the same players were involved in that; notably George H.W. Bush. So, it’s hard to say, but it had to be something so important that they were willing to kill Marshall and his two children and the dog for. The dog, of course, I believe, was shot because it was a shih tzu, and they’re known for being very yappy when somebody who they don’t know comes onto the premises, but I believe the murder of Marshall and his family had something to do with his next book.

…the interesting thing is nobody’s sure what happened to his computer; it’s no longer in his home, it was ripped from the wall. It may be in the hands of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s department, or maybe in the hands of his estranged wife’s family, but nobody’s really certain what happened to the computer and his files, and it’s one of the leads I’m still trying to pursue, to see if he gave information, or handed information to anyone for safe-keeping.

Well, Wayne, we’re talking about this Phillip Marshall incident, where he and his two children were killed, in what seems a fairly obvious assassination. The, well, let’s call them, the less-than-thoroughly trustworthy local sheriff’s department, is trying to call it a murder-suicide, but there’s all sorts of evidence that’s it not, and in one of your earlier reports, you mentioned that the sheriff says that the houses are so far apart that nobody would be able to hear gunshots, and when you went out there you found out that wasn’t exactly the case.

MADSEN: No, as a matter of fact, the houses are very close together, but horizontally and vertically, because basically, this sub-division, Forest Meadows, is built on a mountainside, and so you’ve not only got homes close to one another next door, but also almost on top of one another. You could be looking down on a neighbor’s home just as easily as looking across at it. I understand that, y’know, one neighbor told me that ….y’know, look, the homes are so close together, that one neighbor could hear Phil Marshall whistling inside his house…


MADSEN: So, that’s not what…that’s not what the Sheriff said. Obviously a silencer must have been used. Many neighbors thought that was the case. They believed the Sheriff said “no, there’s no indication of a silenced….” Marshall had a 9mm Glock. He was found lying on his back, shot in the left side of his head. One of the things I’m trying to find out is if he was right handed or left handed,  I’m still trying to get that. But he was shot in the left side of his head, once, he was lying on his back with the gun underneath. Now, people react differently to gunshots, that could have been the case, y’know, if we consider it was a suicide, but the odd thing is is that he joked to his neighbors that even though he had this registered 9mm Glock he never had…he said “a lot of good it’ll do me, because I don’t have any ammo for it.” Now one of the things the Sheriff said he found was a box of 9mm ammunition with Marshall’s wedding ring on top of it. Friends and neighbors told me that after his separation from his wife, Marshall never wore his wedding ring, and so, why did the Sheriff leak this? The Sheriff leaked this to a family member, and of course it was picked up by the media, so it looked like there was some sort of attempt by the Sheriff to steer the media in a certain direction, even though, one, neighbors said that, y’know, he had no ammunition for this gun, but if it’s registered obviously there’s a record that Marshall owned a 9mm Glock, so if somebody had a similar weapon they could have shot him with that, made it look…y’know, used his weapon, put it underneath, make it look like he did it. Interestingly enough, two reports the Sheriff has not released yet: the toxicology tests to make sure that Marshall and his kids, and even the dog had not been, y’know, put under by some sort of, y’know, drug, and also the GSR, the Gunshot Residue Report, and that would be very critical to determining whether he shot himself, y’know, they do the paraffin tests and all that; whether he did it or it was, y’know, another assailant. So two critical reports. And even the local papers’ having trouble getting that GSR report. The toxicology, the claim is, it’s being handled by the chemist, y’know, the people who do that in Sacramento, so that’s delayed because of their backlogs. So two critical reports are out and the Sheriff still, with that in mind, has said conclusively that Marshall shot his kids, his dog and then himself.

MADSEN: Yeah, and we should remember that Hunter S. Thompson was supposedly working a major article on 9/11. He supposedly shot himself too, and there were reports of maybe more than one type of gunshot there, so yeah, it happens, but as long as we have an FBI that’s complicit in these crimes, either through commission or omission, and a runaway Central Intelligence Agency, which if Obama gets his way, we’re going to get a pathological, remote control murderer in charge of that place, John Brennan. As long as this continues and we’re going have a weak Congress, which does not exercise even the, I would say, even the weak sort of control and oversight exhibited by Congress in the 70s by, y’know, I mean, give them credit, Frank Church and Otis Pike in the House, and Bella Abzug in the House, and they did what they could, but under tremendous counter-pressure, but we don’t even have anything like that these days to restrain these agencies, so, y’know, when people say “the CIA may have done it”, or some other black ops group in the US government, y’know, people say “oh, that’s conspiracy theory” – we’ve had the Senate already go on record, and the House, in the 1970s talking about these quote-unquote ‘conspiracy theories’ and documenting them in official House and Senate reports. So, I mean, this pejorative term that thrown around by the Neo-Cons… they think that they’re so invulnerable that you can’t charge them with anything like them being like cult Kabbalists. Even Wolfowitz jokingly referred to himself and his cronies as “Kabbalists”, but if you say that you’re being anti-Semitic. So they can use all the pejorative terms in the world, but, y’know, we’re not allowed to retaliate or respond to them. It’s a great deal for them.

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The U.S. Wants to Pry Into Our Lives But Doesn’t Want Us Prying into Iraq War

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English: President George W. Bush applauds for...

English: President George W. Bush applauds former Prime Minister Tony Blair after presenting him Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009, with the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom during ceremonies in the East Room of the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States is silently watering down the text of an anti-spying UN resolution introduced by Germany and Brazil in order to ensure any extra-territorial violation of online privacy remains legal, according to a document obtained by The Cable.

  According to a government document obtained by the publication, the US has  circulated a confidential communique entitled “Right to Privacy  in the Digital Age – U.S. Redlines.”

  In it, Washington highlights the US objectives in negotiations  currently underway at the United Nations and calls for changing  the Brazilian and German text so “that references to privacy  rights are referring explicitly to States’ obligations under  ICCPR and remove suggestion that such obligations apply  extraterritorially.”

Washington is also calling for its allies to support amendments  that would weaken a UN draft resolution by Brazil and Germany  aimed at constraining internet surveillance by the National  Security Agency and other intelligence agencies.

  The United States claims that it wants to limit the focus to  illegal surveillance.


The US and Britain are trying to block the inquiry into the UK’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq, anti-war activist Lindsey German told RT. Conversations between former British PM Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush remain unattainable.

RT: Who is trying to stall the inquiry, the UK or the  US?

Lindsey German: They are both trying to block this  inquiry. It was set up in 2009. It was supposed to report in  2011. It is now being pushed back to at least the middle of next  year and might be pushed back even further than that. And they  are saying they can’t release American confidential documents,  but this is something they must have known when they set the  inquiry up. So they could easily release them. People in this  country are becoming very perturbed about the fact that 8 million  pounds has been spent on this inquiry, but there isn’t likely to  be an outcome any time soon. That really seems to be a cover up  on both the parts of people who support Tony Blair and George W.  Bush. 

RT: We hear officials in Washington and London saying  they need more time to figure out their position on this report  and some of its details. Why? Are they censoring it?

LG: There are definitely suspicious things going on here.  The cabinet secretary in this country is the person who is  blocking things. He is now blaming it on the US. But the truth of  the matter is that neither he, who was an adviser to Blair  previously, nor Blair, nor David Cameron, who supported the war,  are particularly keen for the truth to come out. It makes you  wonder exactly what is in these conversations between Bush and  Blair. There must be quite a lot to hide for them to be so  worried about them being released. I think surely it is in the  interest of the public in this country and the US to have them  released. After all, there was mass opposition to this war 10  years ago and it hasn’t diminished. People still feel the same  way, they still feel that we are living with the legacy of these  wars and they’d like for the truth to come out.

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