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Mysterious Coincidences? Like Japan’s Fukushima, Iran’s Nuclear Facility in Bushehr Hit With Earthquake 3 Times This Year!

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English: Locator map of Iran

English: Locator map of Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the safety of mankind, it might be time to investigate non-natural (manmade) causes of Iran‘s and Japan‘s earthquakes, especially given that right before Fukushima, Japan had offered to help Iran with its nuclear facility.

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake has hit an area some 62km northeast of Bushehr, where Iran has a nuclear power plant, the US Geological Survey said. The powerful earthquake has killed seven and injured a further 30, IRNA state news agency reported. 

 Tremors were registered at a depth of 16.4 kilometers and some 14  kilometers from the nearest city of Borazjan in Bushehr Province.  

  There are no immediate reports of casualties or damage.  

  Social media pages in Saudi Arabia have said that tremors from  the quake were felt in the kingdom’s eastern province, across the  Gulf from Iran, Reuters reported.  

Bushehr, Iran’s only power-producing nuclear reactor, suffered  damage caused by earthquakes which struck Iran in April and May. Cracks of several meters long reportedly  appeared in at least one section of the structure, according to   diplomats from countries monitoring Iran’s  nuclear program, cited by AP.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

November 28, 2013 at 5:10 pm

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