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Why Did Lee Harvery Oswald Choose the Depository Building to Shoot JFK From – And Other Odd Things

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It’s the 50th anniversary of JFK‘s assassination and the mainstream news media has blanketed the airwaves with memorials and past live news feeds from Nov. 22-24, 1963. The “conspiracy theorists” are interviewed, as well as the anti-conspiracists who have no bad word to say about the CIA, Mossad, FBI, Dallas Police, etc., but go out of their way to explain and discredit every single conspiracy theory. They only want the world to believe the Warren Commission, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin who worked at a blue collar job at a simple school book depository building who knew to plant a rifle on the 6th floor at the right moment that JFK’s motorcade cruised past the building; and he was able to perfectly land 3 shots with ease.

Case closed!

But is it that simple?

Has anyone ever bothered to ask why did Oswald even choose the depository building where he worked in the first place? And how did he know in advance that JFK’s limousine would not have the protective dome over, especially on a chilly day, like he normally did? And how Oswald even knew that JFK’s Secret Service detail would suddenly not have the agents who walk along the side of the car? And how Oswald, a self-described Marxist, would decide that Dallas, a very conservative Republican city, would be the perfect place for a leftist Marxist to carry out his one-man conspiracy?

At that time, the country was still very anti-communist, and that includes Marxists (even though, technically, Marxism is not exactly the same as Communism, but Americans, particularly many southerners, didn’t care about such distinctions). A Gallup poll in 1954 said that 50% of Americans sided with the anti-Communist McCarthy point of view. The numbers were likely far higher in Texas. Nine years later, America was pretty much the same, so it would be a big gamble for a Marxist to assassinate a president in Dallas.


Jack “Ruby” Rubenstein was considered a groupie to Dallas Police, according to surviving officers. He was also described as having a passionate admiration for JFK. One officer who was handling Oswald as they led him passed Jack Ruby said it was thought that Ruby was Secret Service or in some official capacity, which is why no one suspected a thing when he pulled his gun and perfectly delivered the fatal shot to Oswald, killing him. But could it be that Ruby was a “groupie” because he knew how to groom the police as a Plan B to neutralize the chosen patsy (Oswald in this case) to keep him from testifying to the truth? Oswald had already been talking to the press, telling them repeatedly that he was innocent and was a fall guy or “patsy” for a larger conspiracy. The propaganda machine immediately labeled him crazy, going into his childhood to exaggerate his troubled childhood to paint the picture of a nut job, much the way they always do with the crazed lone assassin fall guy. Just look at RFK’s assassin, and MLK’s assassin. Look at McKinley’s assassin, Reagan’s would-be assassin, Ford’s would-be assassin, etc. Always a “crazy” person.


ABC News spoke to the grand daughter of Jean Hill, the woman next to the “Lady in Red” who happened to be taking pictures of JFK just as he passed by and was shot. The grand daughter said Jean heard at least 4 shots, not 3. She was ridiculed for the rest of her life, but according to her grand daughter, she went to the grave repeating that she in fact heard at least 4 shots.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

November 23, 2013 at 7:04 am

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