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Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to Supporters: Break the “Military Coup!”

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President Mohamed Morsi

President Mohamed Morsi (Photo credit: European External Action Service – EEAS)

CAIRO, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) — Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi called on Egyptians to break what he called “a military coup, ” state-run al-Ahram quoted Morsi’s lawyer as saying on Wednesday.

“What happened was a military coup, a crime and treachery against the presidential oath,” Mohamed al-Damaty, a lawyer and the spokesman for a defense delegation for the former president, said at a press conference.

In his detention in Borg al-Arab prison in Alexandria, Morsi told his visiting defense team on Tuesday that he was held against his will as early as July 2.

The visiting delegation included four lawyers and the visit lasted for two hours, the lawyer added.

The ousted president said he was abducted on July 2 and taken to the Republic Guards Headquarters, and then was transferred to a naval base on July 5 with his two aides, according to the lawyer’s statement published on the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party.

Celebrations as Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed M...

Celebrations as Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi announced Egypt’s president (Photo credit: Jonathan Rashad)

In his message to the public, Morsi refused all the efforts to topple him, claiming they were void and violated the constitution.

He added that he was only able to meet with European Union Foreign Policy Representative Catherine Ashton, the African Union‘ s Panel of the Wise, and four prosecutors whose questions he refused to answer during his four-month detention.

Morsi was ousted from power by the armed forces on July 3 in response to the massive protests against his one-year rule on June 30.


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November 14, 2013 at 3:27 am

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