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NSA and British Puppet Broke Euro Security and Privacy Laws. Punishment Next?

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Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and...

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and territories using the Euro de facto Countries in the EU not using the Euro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance is violation of European law, report finds

Authors of study warn of ‘systematic breach of people’s fundamental rights’ and call for EU parliament to take action

The authors of a new study on mass-scale surveillance have accused the intelligence services of the US and EU countries of violating European law and urged the European parliament to take action.

Sergio Carrera, a Spanish jurist, and Francesco Ragazzi, a professor of international relations at Leiden University in the Netherlands, who co-wrote the paper, made the appeal for European action at a hearing in the EU parliament in Brussels on Thursday.

They said the US National Security Agency (NSA), the UK’s GCHQ and equivalent bodies in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden had breached basic articles of the EU treaty, such as article 4.3 on “sincere co-operation”, as well as privacy clauses in the EU charter of fundamental values and in the European charter of fundamental rights.

They also noted that EU agencies such as the joint police body, Europol, and the EU foreign service’s intelligence-sharing branch, IntCen, were in all likelihood using data “stolen” from European citizens.

“It’s no longer credible to say the EU has no legal competence and should do nothing on this. Sorry, we don’t think this is acceptable,” Carrera said.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

November 12, 2013 at 6:27 am

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