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U.S. Fears Fall of Bahrain Regardless of Human Rights Violations

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A political commentator says Washington is afraid of a possible regime fall in Bahrain as the Persian

English: Thousands of demonstrators gather for...

English: Thousands of demonstrators gather for “Sticking to our national demands” rally in Musalla, Bahrain on July, 22 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gulf country hosts the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, Press TV reports.

“The United States of course has a major military interest in Bahrain, our Fifth Fleet is housed there and they have no other real base in the Persian Gulf region,” William Beeman, professor at the University of Minnesota, told Press TV on Monday.

The US is “terribly afraid” that a possible government fall in Bahrain would endanger its interests in the Middle East, added Beeman.

William Beeman

William Beeman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He also criticized Washington for maintaining a “strategic silence” over the human rights violations in Bahrain, saying, “It seems that when the United States interests are not affected, the United States government is quite happy to condemn human rights violations, but when their interests are at stake, then they remain silent.”

On October 20, former CNN journalist Amber Lyon stated that the Manama regime is paying the American news network to ignore its brutal crackdown on peaceful protests across the kingdom and create content that shows Bahrain is in a favorable light.

The Bahraini uprising began in mid-February 2011.


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October 29, 2013 at 4:59 am

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