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U.S. Allegedly Lied to Allies About Syria’s Successes Against Rebels

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Report: U.S. told allies Assad was collapsing while intel warned of rebels’ defeat

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community, while still assuring  allies of his regime’s imminent collapse, determined as early as April 2013  that President Bashar Assad was reversing Sunni rebel gains in Syria.

The State Department issued a classified briefing on June 10 that warned  of a rebel defeat, particularly that of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army,  in the more than two-year-old war against Assad.

Amid the briefing, the department and other agencies in the administration of President Barack Obama insisted that the Assad regime was disintegrating.

“We are headed toward our worst case scenario: rebel gains evaporating, the moderate opposition — including [FSA chief] Salim Idriss — imploding, large ungoverned spaces, Assad holding on indefinitely, neighbors endangered, and Iran, Hizbullah, and Iraqi militias taking root,” the State Department said.

On Oct. 23, the New York Times disclosed the State Department briefing on Syria, asserting that Obama avoided any commitment to help militarily the Sunni rebels. The newspaper said Obama determined that Syria would divert the administration from its main foreign policy goals during his second term — reconciliation with Iran and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The State Department briefing came amid assurances by the U.S.
intelligence community to such allies as Israel and Saudi Arabia that the
rebels were gaining ground in the war against Assad. Officials acknowledged
that the U.S. assurances flew in the face of major rebel defeats in
southwestern and central Syria.


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October 29, 2013 at 5:22 am

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