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CIA and NSA Have Spy Servers Near Most World Capitals

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xkeyscore (Photo credit: sam_churchill)

While some server sites are known     NSAEchelon spy stations of     the Five-EyesUS, UK, CA, AU and NZ — many of the server sites are shown     at, or near, national capitals. These may be symbolic locations or, intriguingly,     may indicate X-Keyscore servers at US embassies.     

    A surprise is the dot at Moscow. Another is a site shown in south-central     China, far from Beijing, located nowhere obvious (a long-shot: it’s a covert     server).     

    The NSA station in Hawaii where Edward Snowden worked is not shown on the     map.     

    There are about 85 red dots on the site map which claims “approximately 150     sites,” with 25 of the dots along the Antarctica coast.     

    Dots appear to be shown in 51 countries, plus seemingly circumscribed Anarctica.     The densest concentration is in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Central     America. But none shown in top of the world, CA, NO, SW, IS, PT, most of     South America, the Pacific and Atlantic islands, a slew of others.


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October 29, 2013 at 3:38 am

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