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American Foreign Policy Needs to be Refreshed and Updated ASAP!

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Given all of the embarrassing developments of 2013 that befell the foreign policy of the United States, it is past time for Americans to vote out the outdated warmongers in Washington and put in constructive, positive-thinking leaders. Thierry Meyssan wrote an article aptly titled ‘Towards a World Without the United States’ that the U.S. should use as a wake up call in the wake of China’s blistering scolding of America, and Russia’s outreach directly to Americans to think globally with an eye towards more peaceful methods. Meyssan writes:


The American Empire is the hypertrophied remains of two players in the Cold War. The Soviet Union is gone, but the U.S. is still there and has taken advantage of the absence of competitors to monopolize global power.

In 1991, logic would have had Washington using its resources to develop its business and prosperity. But after several hesitations, the Republican Congress foisted its global imperialism on President Clinton in 1995 by voting for rearmament even though there were no more opponents. Eighteen years later, the United States, having dedicated its resources to conducting a solo arms race, is out of breath while BRICS have arisen as new competitors. The 68th General Assembly of the United Nations, last month, was the scene of widespread revolt against the unipolar U.S.

According to Mikhail Gorbachev, the fall of the Soviet Union was inevitable starting in 1986, when the Soviet state found itself overwhelmed by the Chernobyl nuclear accident, unable to protect its people. If one needs to draw a parallel, the U.S. federal government has not yet faced such a situation, even if the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Sandy in 2012, and the bankruptcy of local governments have already shown the incapacity of federated states.

The blocking, for two weeks or more, of the operation of the U.S. federal government is not due to a disaster, but to political gamesmanship.  All that is needed for it to end is an agreement between Republicans and Democrats. But, for the moment, only a few special services have been waived, such as military chaplains. The only real departure from gridlock was the authorisation of borrowing authority for six weeks. This agreement was required by Wall Street, which did not react to the closure of the federal government, but was terrified of  the prospect of a Washington incapable of facing its financial deadlines.

Before the Soviet Union collapsed, it tried to maintain itself through savings. Overnight, Moscow terminated the economic support brought to its allies. First, those of the Third World and then those of the Warsaw Pact. In consequence, its allies, in order to survive, had no other choice but move to the enemy camp, that of Washington. Their desertion, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, further accelerated the decomposition of the Soviet Union.


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October 29, 2013 at 4:29 am

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