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Al-Qaeda fighters imprison 60 Syrians, take over court and bribe people with free food and gas

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al-qaeda territory

al-qaeda territory (Photo credit: chrisdebruyn)

Sixty Syrians have been kidnapped and  imprisoned by Al-Qaeda terrorists trying to set up a state ruled by a supreme  religious and political leader across the country. Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and  al-Sham (ISIS) have targeted a town near the Turkish border where 200 residents  have already pledged loyalty to the group. The local sharia court has  been taken over by ‘foreigners’, schools with mixed sexes up to the age of six  have been segregated and businesses intimidated.

 Last month, al-Qaeda seized the town of Azaz, – until recently the main centre for foreign aid delivery – from a moderate rebels, the Times reported.

Speaking by Skype, activist Mahmoud told the paper: ‘People are afraid. If ISIS knows you hate them, they will arrest you.’

There are signs and wall murals heralding the coming of the caliphate, or religious state.

‘They have been visiting people in their shops, telling them they have to work to make the caliphate,” added Mahmoud.

ISIS, believed to number up to 8,000 fighters, have learned from their mistakes in Libya where they fought against Colonel Gadaffi’s army but won no land when he was defeated.

Now they hand out free food and petrol and pay for streets to be cleaned as they woo the 40,000 residents.

In local squares, speakers promote Jihad, resisting President Assad‘s regime and offering activities for children.

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Written by voiceoftruthusa

October 29, 2013 at 1:45 am

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