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Nicola Nasser: Israeli Factor in Syrian Conflict Unveiled

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English: Shimon Peres, president of the State ...

English: Shimon Peres, president of the State of Israel, at World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly, Inbal Hotel Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                – By: Nicola Nasser

More than two and a  half years on, Israel’s purported neutrality in the
Syrian conflict and the  United
State’s fanfare rhetoric urging a “regime change” in Damascus were 
abruptly cut short to unveil that the Israeli factor has been all
throughout the conflict the main concern of both countries.

All their  media and political focus on “democracy versus dictatorship”
and on the  intervention of the international community on the basis of a
“responsibility to protect” to avert the exacerbating “humanitarian
crisis” in Syria was merely a focus intended to divert the attention of
the world public opinion away from their real goal, i.e. to safeguard
the  security of Israel.

Their “Plan A” was to enforce a change in the Syrian  regime as their
“big prize” and replace it by another less threatening and  more willing
to strike a
“peace deal” with Israel and in case of  failure, which is the case as
developed now, their
“Plan B” was to  pursue a “lesser prize” by disarming Syria of its
chemical weapons to  deprive it of its strategic defensive deterrence
against the Israeli  overwhelming arsenal of nuclear, chemical and
biological weapons of mass  destruction. Their
“Plan A” proved a failure, but their “Plan B” was a  success.

However, the fact that the Syrian humanitarian crisis continues  unabated
with the raging non
– stop fighting while the United States is  gradually coming to terms
with Syria’s major allies in Russia and Iran as a  prelude to recognizing
“legitimacy” of the status quo in Syria is a  fact that shutters whatever
remains of U.S. credibility in the  conflict.

President Barak Obama, addressing the UN General Assembly on  last
September 24, had this justification:
“Let us remember that this  is not a zero-sum endeavor. We are no longer
in a Cold War.
There’s no  Great Game to be won, nor does America have any interest in
Syria beyond  the well-being of its people, the stability of its
neighbors, the  elimination of chemical weapons, and ensuring it does not
  become a  safe-haven for terrorists. I welcome the influence of all
nations that can  help bring about a peaceful

This U – turn shift by the  U.S. dispels any remaining doubts that the
U.S. ever cared about the Syrian  people and what Obama called their
“well being.”

The U.S. pronounced  commitment to a “political solution” through
co-sponsoring with Russia the  convening of a
“Geneva – 2” conference is compromised by its purported  inability to
unite even the
“opposition” that was created and sponsored  by the U.S. itself and the
“friends of
Syria” it leads and to rein in  the continued fueling of the armed
conflict with arms, money and logistics  by its regional Turkish and Gulf
Arabs allies, which undermines any  political solution and render the
very convening of a
“Geneva – 2”  conference a guess of anybody.

English: President Barack Obama welcomes Israe...

English: President Barack Obama welcomes Israeli President Shimon Peres in the Oval Office Tuesday, May 5, 2009. At right is Vice President Joe Biden. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza. Français : President Barack Obama accueille le président israélien Shimon Peres dans le bureau ovale mardi 5 mai 2009. A droite, le vice-président Joe Biden. Photo officielle de la Maison Blanche par Pete Souza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israeli  “Punishment”

Meanwhile, Israel’s neutrality was shuttered by  none other than its President Shimon Peres.

Speaking at the 40th  commemoration of some three thousand Israeli
soldiers who were killed in  the 1973 war with Syria and Egypt, Peres
revealed unarguably that his state  has been the major beneficiary of the
Syrian conflict.

Peres said:  “Today” the Syrian President Basher al-Assad “is punished for his refusal to
compromise” with Israel and “the Syrian people pay for it.”



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