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Climate Scientists Way Off With Global Warming Numbers?

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World’s top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what  we thought – and computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong 

  • Leaked  report reveals the world has warmed at quarter the rate claimed by IPCC in 2007 
  • Scientists  accept their computers may have exaggerated

By  David Rose

PUBLISHED: 16:01 EST, 14  September 2013 |  UPDATED: 10:00 EST, 19 September 2013 

A leaked copy of the world’s most authoritative climate study reveals scientific forecasts of imminent doom were drastically wrong.

The Mail on Sunday has obtained the final draft of a report to be published later this month by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the ultimate watchdog whose massive, six-yearly ‘assessments’ are accepted by environmentalists, politicians and experts as the gospel of climate science.

They are cited worldwide to justify swingeing fossil fuel taxes and subsidies for ‘renewable’ energy.

Yet the leaked report makes the extraordinary concession that over the past 15 years, recorded world temperatures have increased at only a quarter of the rate of IPCC claimed when it published its last assessment in 2007.


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