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Diplomatic Revenge? 2 Russians Beat Dutch Diplomat in Moscow

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English: Moscow Kremlin, thunderstorm brewing ...

English: Moscow Kremlin, thunderstorm brewing Русский: Кремль. Перед ливнем. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Dutch diplomat was beaten up by two men who barged into his apartment in central Moscow, an attack that followed the arrest of a Russian diplomat in the Netherlands and threatened to further sour relations between the two countries. Russia was quick to express its regrets on Wednesday, but the Dutch government said it expected a full explanation.

The Investigative Committee said Wednesday that it was working to identify and find the men who had knocked the diplomat to the floor and tied him up with tape. A news website with close ties to Russian law enforcement agencies reported that the attackers had posed as electricians.

While it was unclear who had assaulted the diplomat and why, several Western ambassadors in recent years have been subject to harassment that was seen as reflecting Kremlin anger at actions taken by them or the countries they represented.


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October 16, 2013 at 4:22 pm

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