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Syria is a diplomatic challenge for China

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Israel-Syria Quneitra border crossing as seen ...

Israel-Syria Quneitra border crossing as seen from West to East. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China’s approach to the Syria crisis has been driven by a desire to avoid any US led military intervention. Beijing’s dissatisfaction with the West’s intervention in Libya in 2011, following Security Council decision 1973, has led it to be far more circumspect in the case of Syria.

It has joined Russia in vetoing three UN resolutions. Compared with Russia, however, China has attempted to be even-handed in its dealings with the Syrian government and opposition. Its direct interests in Syria are relatively limited, and when possible China has tried to keep its head down.

China’s official position on the Syria crisis has been consistent. At the centre of its approach has been to advocate a political resolution to the crisis, and to oppose the imposition of solutions from the outside – especially if they involve the use of military force. In practice, this has led the Chinese government to put its faith in the UNArab League Special Envoys – first Kofi Annan, now Lakdhar Brahimi – and call for all relevant parties to work together towards a political settlement, despite almost no sign of this happening during the past two years.

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October 6, 2013 at 2:55 pm

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