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Israel’s Shimon Peres: ‘Syria did not have the deterrence, strength or defense that Israel did’

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President Shimon Peres does not believe Syria will wage war against  Israel.

At a reception that he hosted on Tuesday for heads of diplomatic  missions in Israel and for honorary consuls representing countries that do not  have embassies here, Peres said he did not believe Syria would attack Israel  because Syria did not have the deterrence, strength or defense that Israel  did.

Israel developed sophisticated missiles and had one of the best  security forces of modern times, he said.

Peres said he would suggest to  every leader to emulate US President Barack Obama and check every possible angle  before entering into a war to bring an end to the terrible situation in Syria,  rather than to regret his decision afterward.

Syrian President Bashar  Assad does not have the right to be a leader after killing 100,000 of his own  people, said Peres, who added that it was impossible to remain indifferent to  the killing of children by their own leader, or to ignore the suffering of some  2 million Syrian refugees.

What Assad has done, said Peres, “is the worst  demonstration of evil.”


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September 24, 2013 at 1:49 am

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