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Israel’s Naftali Bennett Thumbs Nose at Christians, Says ‘Israel’s raison d’être is so the Jewish people will last for eternity’

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Bayit Yehudi leader says “whoever thinks our capital of 3,000 years is occupied doesn’t understand anything.”

“Succot is a very Israeli holiday. When we sit in temporary huts, we can  appreciate the fact that we have a permanent country,” Economy and Trade  Minister Naftali Bennett told a group of Christian legislators on  Sunday.

The lawmakers, from the US, European Union, Canada, Brazil,  Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Poland, South Africa, Guatemala,  Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay, are attending the Israel Allies  Foundation Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference.

The Israel Allies Foundation  coordinates the activities of dozens of pro-Israel caucuses in parliaments  around the world, which aim to increase cooperation and communication with  Israel.

Speaking to the parliamentarians eating their lunch in a succa,  Bennett said that “a people who lives in shacks one week a year for 3,000 years  – and I did just that with my children, for the last three nights – are a people  that will remain forever, because we remember our history.”

“Israel’s  raison d’être is so the Jewish people will last for eternity,” he  emphasized.

In reference to Iran and “so-called moderate President  Rouhani,” Bennett said, “Israel can only rely on itself, by itself, and we don’t  recommend anyone test us.”

Written by voiceoftruthusa

September 24, 2013 at 2:35 am

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