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Al Alam News: ‘…al-Qaeda emerged as Obama’s new War of Terror partner’

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Obama continues to take his presidential credibility down in flames. After joining Western and Persian Gulf state allies to overthrow the Syrian government under the guise of an Arab Spring revolution, that hoax was clearly exposed for all when al-Qaeda emerged as Obama’s new War of Terror partner, courtesy of the al-Nusra head chopper brigades.

We all know the chemical weapons back up intervention trigger was set up just in case the 1000 various bands of insurgent bandits and gangsters were not able to coordinate a collapse of the Assad government through terror bombings, defections, massacres and assassinations which have run around 350 so far.

Assad has been no angel, but we have a huge number of people here in the US just as bad and we don’t allow foreign backed insurgents with sarin gas to help out the local opposition. It would be against the law.

All the world Intel agencies saw through the ‘red line’ trick in two seconds. Reports of the insurgents having sarin emerged multiple times, and confirmed with the Turkish arrests and al-Nusra video confessions, way more proof than Obama had. So when Assad’s forces began a steady rolling back of insurgent held territory and inflicting heavy casualties, we all knew the ‘trigger’ pulling was right around the corner.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

September 24, 2013 at 5:09 am

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