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Flashback 1960s: U.S. Inspectors of Israel’s Nukes ‘Tricked by false walls and concealed lifts’

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Mordechai Vanunu is a Moroccan Jew born in 1954, whose family arrived in Israel in 1963. In 1971 he became a sapper in the Israeli army, having failed in his main ambition to join the air force.

According to him, the plant had been upgraded several times to increase production of plutonium and in 1985 could make 1.2 kg per week, enough for up to 12 nuclear warheads a year. 

Israel’s estimated nuclear capability had to be revised from a handful of weapons to approximately 100-200 warheads, ranging from battlefield weapons to warheads that could lay waste whole cities. 

He also recounted stories of how US experts allowed to inspect the site in the 1960s had been tricked by false walls and concealed lifts so they did not even realise the six underground floors at Machon 2 existed.


Before the Sunday Times had even printed its story, Mordechai Vanunu had been lured away from London and kidnapped in Rome in a much-publicised Mossad sting. 

Drugged and bound, he was shipped back home to face the full force of Israeli justice.

He may have been hailed as a heroic whistle blower by the anti-nuclear camp outside Israel, which has campaigned doggedly on his behalf and even had him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but there have been few tears shed for him by Israelis.


Written by voiceoftruthusa

September 23, 2013 at 1:03 pm

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